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  1. There are a few 10v10 low point private servers hosted being played. Premise is each member gets 280 points. From then on you get about 1 point a minute income or 2 if your team has more territory. It leads to some interesting micro play, however there is always a 50/50 with having a team that will gel together.
  2. Favourite moment so far: I bump into an unsuspecting survivor less than 20 meters ahead, foraging in the dead of night. I drop prone in the grass in time for him to turn and run in my direction. He runs practically right over me without noticing a thing. Felt like Solid Snake. Looking forward to them turning the food/drink mechanics down a notch.
  3. Once again very enjoyable and great turnout. Big thanks to Mark and Kingslayer (and those who stepped up after they fell). I think we left a good impression on those we played with, despite some silly hiccups later on. UO no longer teething?
  4. Was very enjoyable, see you all next week.
  5. Arma, HOI, Rainbow Six and wargame. Welcome back, Mastec.
  6. In-game name: josh Do you want to Lead? n Are you interested in a Vehicle Position? n Are you interested in an administrative position (Radioman, ATC, JTAC)? n Can you communicate effectively in Russian? n Q.C.C.: n
  7. A visual guide to useful trade related skills.
  8. Can I get some thoughts on this fit please? In light of Verox’s recent thread, I rustled up something (hopefully) within everyone’s skill range. Max speed is 2616 m/s 48 dps (521/volley) Max range is 18km Perhaps best of all, its super cheap, 3.34mil. Currently is doesn't take advantage of the Condor’s propulsion jamming bonuses. Should every frig in the gang have tackling modules? I’m not 100% sure about the cap booster, will it even work in maintaining power?
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