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  1. Could be a little while till I get back ; looks like the wife has the big C. My life is all turned upside down at the Mo. I'm trying to keep my dress boots clean and chin up.
  2. Thank you for your kind words they picked me up; boy do I need that at the Mo
  3. Hi just thought I'd pop in to say hi. Got a few life problems at the mo. so won't be around have fun and when all is sorted I'll be back
  4. In game name: Jones Do you want to lead?: No Q.C.C: Okay with TL positions though.
  5. You are German that will probably not go against u ;but then you are a Dortmund supporter !!!!!! Best of luck with the regs. pole good luck. Played with u couple times enjoyed, would make fine reg
  6. grow up u idiots this is not about you; it's about playing with someone u respect even when they fuck up
  7. I still think you regulars have done Status a injustice here and I'm not surprised at his posts which you seem to get so much pleasure from . You are as much to blame for his behaviour as he is .I find most of the post's and insults you show to a fellow member in a regulars poll beyond belief. I expect better from UO and it's members .That is my option and respect yours
  8. Go for a bigger ssd drive 64 gig is not enough 120 minimum or 2 64 in raid . OS and Arma will fill 64gig and leave you little room
  9. Hi all at UO. In my short time here (only a couple of years) I have watched this polling section for regulars with much interest. I have seen candidates pass and fail; some have surprised me others I have had a laugh at. But I still can't work out what you expect from a member; that has put up a pole asked to be a regular is a good long standing active member committed to the community. The goal posts seem to move from poll to poll, seems to me at one time you would take anybody maybe you can be more picky at the mo. One thing for certain you may not like Status red but he would be a good regular in my opinion and that is what u should be voting on.
  10. understand my post will have to be approved so please don't take this post out of context with other post's. I was with N2 who was the squad lead at the time; he was having troubles with communications with other squads and was being questioned by his squad quite forcefully as to where we were; whether he was up to the job etc.. etc. at one time someone popped at him " is this your first time at squad lead I'll make sure you never lead again"!! It was as I saw it at this time Elite decided to go of on his own, with some mumbled talk of I've had enough lets all advance to target. No one followed and of he went. Once communications were established we then proceeded to contact and N2 was spot on with his map navigation; which many of us were questioning earlier. all in all the communications where messed up which lead to frustration within the squad
  11. Been around for some time ; the original poster needs to get a life and stop fucking with those that are part of this comunity
  12. Name:VS-UK Jones Are you a Regular? N Do you want to be a Mission Leader? N Do you want to be a Squad/Leader? N
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