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  1. Ooohhhh pretty. How is the recoil on them though, same as in arma 2?
  2. So, as much as I like the new weapons in ArmA 3, the only thing I miss more than 5.56 is Blufors LMG. Idk if it's just a temp model for the alpha, but currently it's a modified MXM with a fat 100 round stanag and a bipod. Does anyone have any plans to port over the M16's, M4's, M249's and M240's from ArmA 2? The HMMWV's would be nice but I can see them breaking because of the new physics.
  3. Are you interested in attending the platoon operations course: Y Are you interested in taking a leadership position: Y I will take any slot, (leadership preferred) including driver, pilot, or anything
  4. Man im in Florida, Irene passed us last night and sucked all the moisture out of the air and now we are like in a drought
  5. Hi my name is FoeHammer. I have played on UO for a while now, although i can only be so active due to this is my final year of Required school, But whenever i do play arma im always playing on UO. I like games that require tactics, teamwork, and a mature community. Some of my favorite Franchises are ArmA (of course) and Battlefield. Im generally a nice guy who has a knack for making lolz, and i would really like to help out UO in anyway i can. ARMA2 Profile Name: FoeHammer ARMA2 Profile ID: 194496
  6. Oh HAI guys!!! ANyway i will try to attend this and the other trainings
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