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  1. UO Name: Fruerlund Planetside 2 name: UOFruerlund Air, Leadership, or Grunt?: Air Most played/certed class/vehicle?: Engineer, Reaver. Certs/purchased items?: AA Reaver and AG Reaver. Sunderer with respawn point.
  2. UO Name: Fruerlund. Planetside 2 name: Fruerlund. Air, Leadership, or Grunt?: Infrantry. Most played/certed class/vehicle?: Heavy / Medic, any. Certs/purchased items?(Sundy AMS, Skyguard, Burster, etc): Reaver - AA Missiles.
  3. So say they all. Anyway not being a grammar freak does not mean that you cannot spell correctly, and yes It would be difficult to play without a Microphone.
  4. So as we are waiting everyone should check out this free FPS of Battlestar Galactic, its called Diaspora: Shattered Armistice http://diaspora.hard-light.net/ It is first person cockpit and with TrackIR support. You are a Pilot on the Armistice ship before the attack, after the attack you are separated from the fleet, and are trying to regroup.
  5. Is this for real? Anyway I gave up three dollars! All hail the glorious UO fleet!
  6. Under 24 hours left, and live streams are up. http://www.ustream.t...nnel/banditloaf http://www.ustream.tv/channel/mci66 http://www.ustream.tv/channel/mci67 http://www.ustream.t...nnel/wingmanCIG $4,801,275 so far with 22 hours and 47 minutes left
  7. So we should get a list up of people who have pledged so we can get some stuff organized.
  8. 3.262.737 $ raised meaning new systems and a new ship. http://www.robertssp...ernoon-updates/ A tanker / refueler, seems like we can really form a fleet now with different roles. Also information on a few game mechanics http://www.robertssp...and-instancing/ A little worried on how the different instances are going to be connected.
  9. If you haven not decided to pledge yet and want to please use this link. This might make me win the competetion. Kthxbai. http://www.robertssp...izen/?rid=44093
  10. 2,426,116 M $ Collected. That means a free repair droid for all pledged players.
  11. I here by give my life, to fight and defend the "UO Glorious Nation" in Space. What ever the costs may be. - Amen.
  12. Anyone else noticed FPS view as infantry at 0:37
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