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  1. Sorry, unexpected visitors... have to switch to out at the last minute.
  2. Having problems with the rig.... switching to out at the last minute, sorry.
  3. Computer disaster... won't have it fixed in time, so bowing out today.
  4. I'll be in for the weekends and possibly weeknights after 7pm PST (0200 UTC). If we're doing blue, I can fly A-10, hornet, eagle, UH-1 and TF-51. Rusty on the harrier but I can pick it up again.
  5. Sadly, I'll be up in the mountains the next couple weekends but really looking forward to this campaign. Hold the line!
  6. Roger that. Saw the post come up right before bed and replied before a careful reading. Glad that we're using the calendar for DCS events as well now.
  7. In for Lobo, Serpent or Python #1 or #3
  8. abelian

    UOAF - BMS #338 - 1800z

    Panther or Python
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