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  1. Won't be able to make it unfortunately, arma install borked and too tired to really do much about anything
  3. I reinstalled arma I went to primary It was horrible Just like old times I wanna do it again I'm back!
  4. It does seem silly to argue about, but it doesn't matter what you're making, when you ignore the user's pre-existing knowledge when using whatever you made, you generally end up making things unnecessarily user unfriendly. In this case it doesn't break the mission, but it can cause misunderstandings(that honestly might even lead to bans if someone's unlucky. While you can't change a faction name, you can decide which faction is opfor and which faction is blufor.
  5. One thing I noticed a while ago on a tvt that was about ISIS forces attacking an IDF platoon: ISIS was blufor, IDF was opfor. Here's the thing, doing things differently isn't a bad thing, but for the sake of simplicity it's smart to keep in mind what the player knows, players/users always have some preconceptions about whatever products they're using and they work with them based off of that. What does this mean in terms of a TvT? When a player who has been playing arma for a very long time slots IDF in a TvT, he will most likely just mentally autopilot and go to the blufor briefing channel. Second thing, same mission: ISIS force composition was unreasonable in the way that it essentially left a lot of players doing nothing, they were attacking over a hill against a fortified position, they had access to a hind, CAS, and IFVs/APCs, this all went with a large group of infantry, and while I realise that the infantry has a role in this mission, a commander playing it safe is gonna have the infantry do next to nothing as the hind, cas and vehicles just shell the defensive position from a distance. They don't really have much to do simply because they're not really needed to win the mission. Final note, same mission: The fortification script did not disable after setup time, in the briefing it said mission maker intent was that you don't place fortifications after setup is done, so you shouldn't. Last I remember(and I haven't been here for quite a while so correct me if I'm wrong) COs intent overrules mission maker's intent, so if the CO tells players to put down more fortifications after setup is completed, they better do it or they can get banned for not following orders. Last time I heard, mission maker intent doesn't really mean anything if the CO doesn't like it and it isn't forced. This is the whole reason there are spawn area barriers during setup time.
  6. don't knock the bicycle marines
  7. Good job with not only reading my signature and somehow thinking it's relevant to my post, but also showing your lack of humour and knowledge on the subject. #pavlovo2012
  8. The time for an artillery strike at *any* distance gives you ample time to get out of the way. If it's artillery you're worried about, don't be, because you could brew a goddamn cup of tea after being spotted and still be gone before any artillery will hit you. You shouldn't trust your safe extraction on risky long distance shots, you should rather trust it on planning. Get out of the way before the enemy has time to respond and before they find you, don't try to outrun them by putting more initial distance between you and them, you will inevitably fail(99% of the times a car will very quickly cover that magical extra distance and catch up real quick).
  9. At the point that you need this extra time to extract, you're doing something horrendously wrong. Yes, a bullet fired at that distance might still have enough energy to kill your target, but the risk you're taking in taking a shot like that is something I would simply call idiotic and not worth any possible benefits it could give you. To be honest, I don't really know shit about the physics behind it, but I know that your justification for taking idiotically long shots it is just plain stupid.
  10. I don't think you know what RFID is. I think you should consider putting some more thought in posts like this.
  11. My execution would be turning around 180 degrees and going back to Western Ukraine. The Ukrainian army has not exactly shown a lot of competence in their amazing counterterrorism efforts in the east, and if they do succeed, they only risk making the people and the Russians angrier. If you want to minimize casualties, don't get involved.
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