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  1. Fuck now I might have to reinstall aswell
  2. Will try to be there and get stuck in again
  3. It seems like a foregone conclusian that a cruise missile strike is going in soon. Any thoughts on what might happen after or in response ? As I am wondering what you americans think of all this.
  4. WoW is utter shit apperently compared to War thunder
  5. I have a beard aswell sadly my job requires me to keep it trimmed down. But man if I could have a specops beard I would go Delta force on those fucking annoying customers who only come to browse
  6. Awh no Deathwatch . I am a sad panda. Not really up for playing chaos. If people would be up to playing DW i have all the needed stuff in PDF files.
  7. Yes you can. Just make sure to pick a rifleman slot and tell people you are new.
  8. If you would play Deathwatch the 40k spess mahreen tabtlop rpg I would be all fucking over this.
  9. Congrats boon. best of health to the prospective little boonling (ps dont name her or him the buff )
  10. UO hall of fame material right there. Happy birthday Merlo !!
  11. Come to the lovecave or the wargame channels on ts most people will be happy to help you out.
  12. Krause you know you can turn of the merging of unit icons in the GUI control options ? Might help a bit with situational awareness. As for another tip you keep sending in CAS into contested areas where there is massive airdefense. you might want to hold them further out until you can nullify those with for instance a f117 strike on a cluster of infantry. The f117 has the only laser guided bomb in the game and can therefore drop it a lot further out. Plus it can easily wipe out clustered light and medium units with its single paveway. One thing to keep in mind when using it is that the stealth capabilities of the f117 only work against radar AAA like the BUKS,KUBS,and tunguskas and shilkas. Manpads will still ruin its day. But its a great way to infiltrate the enemy airdefense network and snipe a command vehicle or important units if youre able to avoid the manpads.
  13. eugen interview about the upcoming beta updates and unit stats plus some solo campaign info
  14. I voted no because I thought you werent regular material I gues i was right.
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