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  1. Herbiie


    Impulse there is a big difference between opening a mission to see how it works & using similar scripts or using the same modules & copy and pasting a mission without asking permission, deliberately. However, thank you for clarifying the standpoint of this community on plagarism. @Darkside - not every forum thread at UO is dramatic.
  2. Herbiie


    Hence why I didn't complain about it being ported, James. Just seems odd that under that rule anyone could literally copy & paste a mission and pass it off as their own. Thank you for your swift replies.
  3. Herbiie


    Hi all, Are there any rules concering plagarism for missions submitted for UO? I don't mind old missions of mine being revamped however I'd like people to ask permission first, however this mission: http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/co25-pb-hill-v10-r1360 Is just an updated version of this one: http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA2/missionlist/_/livemissions/co30-pb-hill-1-operation-buckland-v5-r565 To the extent where certain elements are literally copy & pasted, in particular the briefing. I don't like to be 'that guy' but without my permission or even me being credited for the mission concept, I don't think it's appropriate for this level of plagarism to be allowed, and was wondering what the rules were regarding this. Thanks, Herbiie
  4. Looks awfully familiar...
  5. CO50 Comms Difficult v1
  6. CO38 Operation Vittel A v1
  7. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/co31-operation-storm-pt1-v1-r1221? Enemy are set as friendly to BLUFOR Enemies only engage after someone has killed enough of them to be hostile.
  8. CO47 Operation Camel Spider v2
  9. CO44 Reddish's Revenge v3
  10. I fully accept responsibility for the blue on blue, our failure to correctly PID the target kept us engaging. Many of my squad members were convinced that they were engaging enemies, but ultimately I was responsible for my squad and agreed with them that the people we were engaging were hostile. It was a genuine mistake, and we honestly believed that the PSG was incorrect and that we were taking fire from that position. There were, however, several issues not brought up in this ban thread. Firstly, the platoon level leadership in this mission fell way short of the standard I would reasonably expect from UO. I understand that Nomad, the PL, was very new, but he led several missions tonight that all had a lack of communication and co-ordination. In this particular mission, there was essentially no plan whatsoever. There was the bare bones of a plan to attack the town, with vague and contradictory markers on the map (Weapons section had 3 different positions marked on the map that they would apparently be occupying all at the same time). There was no plan as to how we would get to the positions, what the order of march would be, what route we would use, whether or not we were using vehicles, or even what we should do when we got into the position. The plan included no level of co-ordination whatsoever, and it was up to me to check with weapons squad that we were even getting supporting fire into the town - the original plan had weapons acting simply as another rifle squad, and each squad acting completely independently from one another. I believe that a FF incident was almost inevitable in this mission. Fair play to Nomad for stepping up and leading, but I would suggest that getting more experience would be useful as that was honestly one of the worst co-ordinated missions I have ever played - doubly frustrating for me as I wanted to lead a mission tonight but was unable, while Nomad - who I would suggest should get more experience and watch the better leaders in the community (whether that be Max, Blue, Lancer or, god help me, I guess, possibly, maybe, to a certain extent, Reddish) before stepping up again - led several missions (I think he had a platoon leadership position in every mission). Secondly, at no point during the briefing or during the game was I informed as to when weapons were moving to their location. I was not aware that they were in front of me, and throughout the mission chaos ruled the platoon - at one point later on my squad was also fired upon by the weapons team, although we suffered no casualties. Thirdly, after blue on blue was called over the radio I did get my squad to stop firing - before the PSG arrived. We then checked the position with binoculars, and genuinely mistook the weapons squad for an enemy fire team engaging us (we were taking fire at this point). I therefore gave the order to continue firing, and believed that the blue on blue being called was erroneous and due to the fact that our rounds were passing close to a friendly position. However, while the original ban of a week seems incredibly harsh for what was a genuine mistake with no prior bans that haven't been squashed, I accept the ban as at the end of the day I failed to communicate the contact to the rest of the platoon, failed to correctly identify what my squad was firing at and disagreed with the platoon sergeant leading to us continuing to engage friendlies.
  11. Hey guys, This has been played a couple of times and the AAR isn't working for Proving Grounds, was wondering what improvement could be made? Already planning on: - Automatic on safe & team colours - 2 Minute Start Up time Thanks guys
  12. It was in a spoiler, I didn't want to get spoilt :/ User received a warning point for this post.
  13. I apologise, oh mighty KmO! Please, do not hate me milord! User received a warning point for this post.
  14. Never said that it was impossible to have a high playercount mission with Olsen's Framework, just that any Framework increases the load on the server slightly, which exacerbates other performance issues. I see that Olsen Framework bunnies have decided, as usual, to get upset at the slightest criticism, so I'll stop trying to explain to you people.
  15. CO25 Operation Alberta 2B v1
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