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  1. The game itself? Not sure why you would need to be inside the .scen itself, if you want to change unit loadouts you have to do that in another file (name escapes me right now). Option to create this file is also inside the editor. edit: changing loadouts as in changing weapon systems on ships for example, not changing mission loadout.
  2. AIS tells me the ship has crossed or is going to cross the strait of Gibraltar. Speed is 14.3 knots, heading 69° at 14:29 zulu.
  3. I tried tracking you via AIS during the first few weeks but u were always offline and moored at crystal point. Seems to have been fixed now or you activated ur 'transmitter'. If I look at your current course, am I correct to assume you are sailing towards Ponta Delgada? Quiet area for now, but busy waters coming up. 3000+ ships just west of Portugal and Morroco . Only half of them are verified so we can assume that "only" 1500-1600 of them are bigger vessels. Good voyage.
  4. I should think more Anyway, last time I tried this was several years ago.
  5. I saw it used multiple times in arma 2 and it did seem to lag the server (mission had one chinook only, IIRC) a bit. Given, it might have been the 'messages' that were also displayed on the server at the same time or some other script. I tried something like this with 2 c-130's landing on an airfield but it is very difficult to synchronise things.
  6. Another Belgian. Good, a couple more and we can add our forces to the modpack .
  7. K-19 the widowmaker Phantom The hunt for Red October Enemy at the Gates Beneath hill 60 Jarhead The eagle Schindler's list (not really a war movie) Saving private Ryan The pianist (not really a war movie) The boy in the striped pyjamas (not really a war movie) edit: Forgot, tears of the sun and The sum of all fears.
  8. Anyone knows how the MALD works? It doesn't seem to do it automatic even when I said OECM (which seems the most logical option) too true. I also tried launching it manually but I don't get an option when I shift+F1 it on enemy troops.
  9. I would like to test it, but I am not the best player. Seems that this scenario wont include carriers and subs? If so I think I'll do a little bit better .
  10. Belgian federal and local police units are currently performing large scale anti-terror ops in the entire country after recent events, including (ofc) Paris, an attack with molotovs against a police station and several smaller crimes. Mostly around Brussels and Verviers at this moment. There is not much info yet but there is a press conference that should start soon. Current info: -Police raid with gunfire in Verviers, 2 killed and 1 arrested -Several searches in Brussels and suburbs -Possibly 2 arrests earlier today at the airport at Zaventem -OT earlier this month there were some arrests regarding a possible break-out attempt of Fouad Belkacem who is currently in jail for recruiting jihadists for Syria and Iraq and the general hate-spread, etc. -OT military and some local police personnel has received the request not to go to work in uniforms to reduce the risk of attacks. Will post more once the press conference starts edit: Someone be nice for me and please post the CNN link. I can't even copy past anymore edit 2: More info: -The reason the police decided to intervene now is because the (killed) suspects were planning a big attack here in Belgium. No info has been given on the nature of this attack. -Suspects were armed with assault rifles and other heavy weapons. -Currently the office building of the federal police is being evacuated after a bomb-alert, I (and I suspect my collegues aswell) just received a warning text to keep close to our phones in case we are called up to assist DOVO ("civilian" bomb squad) in EOD operations. -Police comfirms dozens of searches in and around Brussels -Threat level has been increased to 3 (out of 4) for government and police buildings.
  11. FFS! Big post removed because stupid internet. Anyway, in short, point taken, but I stay with my opinion.
  12. @JB: Please tell why I should be ashamed of myself. Aside from the obvious sarcastic tone when I said that they didn't care about the hostage that you clearly didn't notice, I don't see a single reason to be ashamed of myself. They fucked up, simple as that If you storm a building you don't wait for some covers to slowly open.
  13. @Hellhound: thanks for the info mate. @All: My post wasn't meant negative towards infantry people in case it came across like that. It's just that I would pick a, IMO, more exciting job if I have such a high score.
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