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  1. Yesterday, after moving the game from my mechanical drive to SSD I was able to play using the Ultra preset with hardly any issues. After the update today however the game turned to shit again. Desperate, I turned ON Hyperthreading, now I am able to play with the ultra preset with no issues. Hopefully this helps someone.
  2. Famine

    GTA V

    I am considering waiting for the soon-after-release-$20-off-sale that seems to be occur with most titles these days but I'll probably just pick up a copy in the morning, I'm pretty excited! My PSN is L0gik_5 if anyone wants to play together.
  3. #shutdown After logging in will turn off the server so you can remove your missions. It will automatically restart.
  4. I would read this as either-or, either you are ordered to take a weapon/mount a static weapon by your leader (whom has permission from his leader, et al.) or you critically require use of an enemy asset (i.e. acquiring enemy AT as a vehicle approaches whilst other units in your vicinity do not have the ability to defend themselves from or avoid aforementioned vehicle).
  5. I can remove that one too, if you like. You should understand that there are multiple factors here you were not privy to as you wrote that comment. I should have wrote "rejected", not "removed" in that comment. Here, I'll edit it for clarity. Edit: [10:06:47 PM] Impulse 9: that filename is "too long"
  6. Pending review by the mission review team.
  7. added v1 to the end of your file name.
  8. Rejected pending re-name, "immature"[/size]
  9. rejected - changelog
  10. Rejected - mission changelog
  11. Removed pending submission of re-name , "overly political"
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