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  1. Pie has assisted me and others in developing, producing and running high quality training events and content, and would make a great training officer. Yes.
  2. It should but I remember still having to do this for some reason. But I'm not that familiar with the excel functions to be honest.
  3. A theoretical error I see immediately is that you are not using the center of the grids (55555 55555), however for just deriving direction and distance it should not matter, as long as you always input equal digit grids. Basically you have to check for the three cases, this is how i have it coded in my simple artycomputer: if($xa < $xb && $ya > $yb){ $directiond += 90; }elseif($xa > $xb && $ya > $yb){ $directiond += 180; }elseif($xa > $xb && $ya < $yb){ $directiond += 270; };
  4. Finally we can make some realistic East-German tank missions: https://youtu.be/9P3dI7mSAaw?t=127
  5. I like Gusy's suggestion. We need more terrain for combined arms type of deals. I always wanted to do a Western US-themed map, there are quite a lot of American assets (especially buildings) out there now, but very few actual islands that feature them usable for our purposes. I was once planning to do a 5x5km of this area. For the US you can get very good high resolution DEMs from USGS. Refer to Lancer for some good lessons learned, especially on vegetation and tessellation.
  6. For the first year or so when the Germans deployed their three PzH 2000s to Northern Afghanistan all Calls for Fire were made via Afghan cell phone, cause they couldn't get a decent radio communications setup/coverage going.
  7. I switched my vote to No, I have come to believe that we need a more holistic approach to this as Josh and others have started to lay out. Ideally we would draft a restructuring and then put it as a package to a poll.
  8. Awesome visuals, big B737 fan here, was very sad when we retired the last "bobby" in the DLH fleet last year. Not even closely as spectecular, myself doing a very hard landing in an A380 at LAX https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7H1uBiSRAQ
  9. I agree with the policy laid forth by Impulse. As a radio operator in the signal section of a civil defense company I enjoy the realistic radio communication simulation ACRE provides us with and thus I don't want to miss out on it, but of course when the terrain and distances in a mission do not allow proper communications (especially until any relay functions are implemented) occlusion should be disabled. Mission makers should test the signal requirements of their mission and if necessary turn occlusion off, it is as simple as that.
  10. Absoluetly, but a Flight Moderator or whatever the delegate title should be seperate from the ArmA GMs, as they are under a different Office for a different game, vice versa an ArmA GM is not assigned any administrative duties for the flight sim part of the community.
  11. The way I understand the proposed charter modification: The UOAF Officers are not granted any responsibilities regarding the ArmA side of the community. They would be given TS3 Officer permissions and powers, the equivalent forum rights and would administer the UOAF operations, not being assigned any responsibilities regarding the ArmA operations (or any other game for that matter) of our community. But I agree there are some general questions that need to be solved, even beyond the office question, how do we treat games other than ArmA? Right now we appoint regulars that are primarily or only active in UOAF, while traditionally the regularship has always been anchored in ArmA our core community activity...
  12. I think this makes sense. UOAF has a proven record of self-government, having their administration integrated under the charter is a logical step.
  13. While pax has some issues, he has shown willingness to change to for the better and has made significant contributions to the community. Yes.
  14. You might wanna check the date in the thread topic...
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