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  1. I'm back for the summer. I'm about to show you all how things are done around here. I'll see y'all online this weekend.
  2. So how is RD overall? I have it in my steam game list, but can't play it until I get back from school May 1.
  3. Nobody wants to see you Griz
  4. I know I was making ~$100 a month back when my YouTube channel was pumping out videos with adsense, so there is another revenue source. Would the donation system still be up? I would have no problem donating, it's just that I do not have a stable income to be able to make recurring payments. This community means a ton to me, and I won't let it become a pay-to-play experience. I believe that my hundreds of hours here have earned more than a small donation, because I want others to experience the same things I do, without a financial commitment. Now to find a job...
  5. School is kicking my ass. Didn't bring my desktop here, so I've already been limited to Teamspeak/Forum usage. Will return back in-game December-January. Basically I don't have time to play video games until December because of my current Engineering coursework, but I'll still be around.
  6. 2 Pagers + 2 Smooth Talker + 1 intimidate = 5 possible guards incapacitated. It was Hard, though overkill isn't any harder on stealth- we couldn't brute force out way past Day 1 on overkill however.
  7. The idea I am perfectly okay with, and see great benefits in. The implementation is what I'm iffy about. I'll hold my vote until I talk to others about how this will be implemented, because I don't have to change a thing on my end; play Arma, don't be stupid. I see obvious benefits and believe that a barrier of entry will raise the quality of play, but at a slight reduction of numbers. I'm okay with that. I want to see a game-plan, time table of implementation, the rest of the logistical details, and how it will be inscripted into the charter before I make a vote, because otherwise this is no different from the discussion thread.
  8. I can't yet. Very bipolar, sometimes very helpful, other times very hostile. Gabe needs to simmer down and act professionally more often. Much too prone to derp around and lose sight of the actual task at hand. Has the "I'm younger than you on UO" ego that is becoming more and more common. Voting no for now. EDIT: My post comes off as negative, but I do support a lot of what he does here. Always eager to take admin, and (for the most part) is fair and democratic in his managing. Leads, and is competent at doing so (used to backseat SL as of a year ago, but I think it's gone away). Gabe is an alright dude. He is an example at UO of how to be competent, and his more obvious youth encourages others to keep up. The "obvious youth" swings both ways however, some attitude things to fix before I vote yes. Also Gabe- share your opinion more on the forum and the things that go on politically. Being a regular is less about playing ability and being a good example (You can do it without regularship), but more about voting and sharing your thoughts on how UO should operate and improve for the better. Have opinions on what you believe is best for UO, and verbalize those in a professional, respectable manner. Answer this: What do you bring to UO, and how does being a Regular add to your abilities of doing so?
  9. - DriverSweeper - CCleaner to clean the registry Check your monitor. RMA the card if all else fails.
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