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  1. So i was just casually checking what you guys are doing these days, now i am considering waking from the dead...
  2. Congratulations! See you in the field. Listen for Norseman (at least for another year:P)
  3. Not sure if i necroed this thread or this thread necroed me, but this line is my new favorite thing
  4. Another reason not to become a pilot, i felt like whatever a T-17 can do was uncomfortable enough, almost puked just from that. Would not even want to try what you are doing there.
  5. I think you misunderstood me Koepi. or at least the important part. the time from calling "contact, wait out" until you are sending your SALTA should not take you more than 1 minute. Your very first priority and your most important part as a squadleader is making sure your squads activities are coordinated with the rest of the platoon, and that your squad is doing what they PL needs it to do. Therefore your most important job is to get a contact report sent out, so the platoon can react to the change in situation. When i said dealing with anything in between the contact call and the contact report, it was meant as reacting to life threatening situations. Like if the contact happens crossing a field you first order line and then give orders to bound to the nearest cover. As soon as you have given these orders you are back on the net explaining what you are doing. An example where there needs to be no real delay is if you are in a battle position and you take contact front like you planned, then you call contact, see the effect your squad is having on the enemy, correct anything that would otherwise be life threatening, and then you send your SALTA. Either you do not understand what people are trying to tell you, or you actually think that the only reason that almost all professional armies in the world are conducting this drill in this way, is because they are dumb.
  6. Figured i could chime in late as well. When i was a SL in the infantry IRL and in UO. My drill for contact was always to call "Contact, Wait out" even as i was getting down myself. Then i would quickly look at the enemy and my squad to see if i had to do anything this instant, like assaulting or maneuvering. As soon as that was done i would get on the net and send a SALTA. The reason is that The last A in SALTA becomes super important to the platoons fight, since it should contain your own intent and a recommendation to the rest of the platoon. The reason the squad leader should give this if he can is because he already sees the ground we are fighting in, and it saves the PL and everyone else having to spend time coming up with a plan. So yeah, i don't really play here anymore but i would recommend to anyone squad or team leading that they follow this drill.
  7. Even comparing Afghanistan to Syria shows complete ignorance on the middle-eastern countries.
  8. you still make a wierd leap in logic. When supressive fire cannot be achived, why would you even consider attacking? If you cannot win against the enemy at range you wont beat him at a range where his numbers are an even greater advantage. The obvious application of smoke in a situation like that is useing to conceal you as you run AWAY, Any scenario that involves attacking through smoke would be some very special situation and therefore not something where standard tactics apply. Edit: In both the examples you discuss the pictures illustrate a situation where little to no attempt is made at establishing a base of fire. I was in the obj King mission where the supressing element misunderstood their task and tried to breach under their own supression thus they got killed leaving the rest of the company to pick up the pieces. Your other example (i cant tell the distance) it seems that you are driving towards a town you want to attack in single file without having deployed into some sort of base of fire before your assault, there is the price for that.
  9. Well alot of your argumentation seems to be based on a misguided version of what Supressive fire is, and what it is supposed to do. Because of this misunderstanding you will continue to come to these false conclusions. I wont bother writing a whole essay on this in here, come find me if you really care to learn. But i will take your latest example. The reason you do not want to attack through smoke is that it does 2 things. 1. it does not only mask the enemy fire it also masks your own people, so you can no longer gain the effect of suppression to keep the enemy#s heads down and they can now all get up and take aim. 2. it only mask's you until the point you threw it, after that you will be completely exposed and running across the open right into the enemy that has spent the time getting into a good stance they can now take aim and casually shoot at you. The whole point of fire and maneuver is to force the enemy to stay in cover while you maneuver, but that only works while you are shooting at him. Smoke can support your maneuver, but your maneuver can't depend on smoke. Lastly if you are really interested in playing realistic combat scenario's the important thing is to have as many survivors on your team as possible. If you charge under smoke you will not get that, neither vs Players or AI.
  10. Again none of Croatia's problems there are EU's fault, can't really blame them for the self imposed problems you are getting for trying to join. I have just tried finding anything about German pension funds being raided to pay the Greek bailout, i cannot find anything other than the Greek government raiding its own people's pensions. But no matter how you look at it the collapse of Greece would have impacted all of us in a much more negative way than the bailout's we have paid will. If you look up the United Nations Human Rights Convention you will see that virtually all of the UN members have agreed to this set of rules, they state that you cannot deny a refugee the right to cross the border and you cannot punish a refugee for using otherwise illegal means of crossing the borders. These are rights that are extremely important in wartime, and something i would expect an ex Yugoslav to appreciate more than the average person. Blaming refugees for our problems is nothing more than a whine, they are not actually the root of any serious problem, but rather exposing the problems our societies already had. For instance in Denmark it is becoming obvious how overweight and inflexible our bureaucratic system is. I have been hearing for Years that EU is supposed to destroy itself, but i still fail to see any real reason for that. Since as i mentioned there is nothing to be gained in leaving EU. The only reason i really see for anyone in EU to want to leave is the failure to realize, that leaving will not solve a single problem.
  11. None of the problems you guys are describing are caused by EU. These are all happening outside EU as well, if anything the reason some of these issues are "only" at the level they are is because EU is shielding us from the fallout of the financial crisis. And the thing about Western EU paying to improve the living standard in the East is simply not true. The reason that the Eastern countries where invited into EU was because they had had such an improvement in their economy that it would be beneficial for the EU to have them join, And it has been. There is basically nothing to be gained for Any EU country in leaving EU, only the loss of a giant (almost) customs free internal market, access to a giant police intelligence network, as well as access to countless other subsidies. Here in Denmark (and seemingly in large parts of the EU) it has become popular to blame the EU for all the troubles the Global Financial crisis has brought, and also for the refugee crisis that has mostly been caused by our own inaction from the start of the war. The truth is that without the EU many of the current member states would have been bankrupted by the crisis and then the southeastern states would have been bankrupted trying to deal with the refugees flooding in, without a EU redistribution system.
  12. EU is the greatest power potential in the world, there is the potential to turn it into a superpower but instead it destroys itself from within through simple prettyness.
  13. QSL and QRZ this is literally the first time in my 9 years of service hearing those terms, and they are quite pointless QSL would either be "Say Again" or "improve transmitter conditions" QRZ would simply be a statement like "say again your callsign" or simply just stating as part of the conversation that the callsign is unkonown.
  14. well i can't speak for UOTC anymore, but currently their main focus seems to be on bringing basic infantry skills up to a more resonable level. At the same time they are trying to rework all the courses. As i said this mod is pretty awesome, and if you go on youtube and search for UOTC JTAC Course you should esially find 6 hours or so of me talking about CAS stuff. And personally i would love to have this mod since it would make being a JTAC much more interresting, but as things stand i can only see very few people in this community actually putting in the time to learn this mod properly. If only a few people learn how to use the helicopter then missions featureing this mod would only be playable with these people on, thus i have a hard time seeing any mission makers putting it in. There are a number of other technical points against adding this mod, again don't get me wrong, but i feel that this mod at best would be something a little niche of this community would enjoy.
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