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  1. Break that up into 2-3 separate missions, One for the initial approach, One for gaining a foothold, and one for actually clearing the town. Also use a lot less AI and place AI fortifications in the forests, will help a lot with performance. 360 AI is way to much for the mission and really limits performance. recommend keeping it below 150
  2. I've been pushing for the addition of SAF for awhile, there are quite a few interesting uniform pieces and weapons now.
  3. I looked at his new stuff, its really good. The issue that there is even more of a dependency now on RHSSAF, with lots of the new body armor variants being a retexture of RHSSAF vests and helmets.
  4. Requesting removal again, removal was held off for previous event which has now passed.
  5. They talked up a custom mission creator, so I would expect it to.
  6. Extreme Issues with speed, No reason to keep as we have 3CB Land Rovers.
  7. I really enjoyed playing with FK, I would say they are a lot like us which made it more enjoyable. The first mission was good, but it wasn't the best for this type of event. The second one was a cool concept, but I wasn't surprised it didn't work. The third wasn't a good backup, it was old and not set up for our current modpack. Over all the missions should have been more straight forward, they were too complicated for a community that isn't experienced with how we play. I hope we can set up another event with FK, I will be more than willing to make a mission or assist in the making of missions.
  8. Helmets spawn in crotch, likely issue with the P3d. Requesting Removal.
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