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  1. I'm still voting Yes, anything to get AC off the server.
  2. COTVT50 Heavy Mech HC V2 Low FPS makes the mission almost unplayable in mid to later stages.
  3. So is this an expansion like APEX or a DLC?
  4. One change that might be nice is limiting access to automatic and quality weapons, more shitty guns and great would make combat more interesting.
  5. TVT60 [E-HIC] Little Loyality V2
  6. Are you interested in attending? Yes Have you purchased Global Mobilization? Yes
  7. That would be great for the UO Bytes on the UO youtube channel
  8. Break that up into 2-3 separate missions, One for the initial approach, One for gaining a foothold, and one for actually clearing the town. Also use a lot less AI and place AI fortifications in the forests, will help a lot with performance. 360 AI is way to much for the mission and really limits performance. recommend keeping it below 150
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