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  1. Same, Mikee, miss you bud. It's been over five years since I played here regularly. With my summer plans cancelled, I would love to come back and play some Arma 3 if there are any other like-minded individuals.
  2. "...came in when UO switched to Arma 3." *grumbles in TG*
  3. Awesome, does anyone have an MP Server running?
  4. Singleplayer campaign is pretty neat.
  5. Dan Hampton also has two other excellent books: Lords of the Sky and Hunter Killers. The first is a historical analysis of air combat, and the second is about the history of the Wild Weasel. Both books are excellent reads, with Hunter Killers having a much more relevant topic to this forum. https://www.amazon.com/Lords-Sky-Fighter-Pilots-Combat/dp/0062262092 https://www.amazon.com/Hunter-Killers-Extraordinary-Maverick-Dangerous-ebook/dp/B00NLMC92Q/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8
  6. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/snuffysniper
  7. Now if only the can fix it whereas the driver can turn out while the commander is turned in.
  8. He has been banned eight times. How many chances does one need?
  9. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/co65-morskoy-okun-v3-r123? JIP'd in as 1st Section Asst. Grenadier. Spawned in and used the Teleport To Leader option on the mouse wheel. Was teleported to (0,0,0) in the water. Apparently SL was dead, and this is an Olsen Framework Issue:
  10. Are you going to start making missions?
  11. File not found in /Final.
  12. Parenthesis are no longer allowed in the mission display name. Rejected.
  13. Evan

    CO55 Operation Longship

    Mission display name needs version number. Rejected.
  14. Evan

    CO25 Black Ghost

    Mission Display Name requires a version number. Rejected.
  15. Evan

    CO82 Forest Haunting

    Needs version numbering. Rejected.
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