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  1. ^^ So excited! I commission on the 12th, and get to watch my favorite Star Wars movie that night!
  2. I will be new conscript for glorious motherland Earth.
  3. Yep, got my key. Anyone want to organize a play event for those of us that got in? or in a week or so? We could all just agree to choose one side for the event. nothing unlocks or is persistent atm with character wipes frequently, so it wouldnt matter.
  4. I will be attending if I am not working that night. I will fraps the course as well if I am attending. ALSO: It would be good if we could cover how to use the battery humvee calculator as it is not very noob-friendly as is nearly everything in ARMA so its calculating ability goes to waste if no one can use it.
  5. Are we going to cover using the battery humvee calculator as well? It is used in about 70-90% of all missions that have m119's.
  6. Name-Centron Job-Filming, Acting, Voice Work, Editing Availability- Weekday afternoons (1600 - 2400 UO Time most nights) and Weekends (except for most sundays due to work) Extra- I have a copy of fraps and After Effects 5.5, and have directed some advert shoots in RL as well, so I can help write scenes and such.
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