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  1. tvt36 firehouse on chernarus has uo framework error
  2. Ancient aliens have come to Eastern Europe to make their buildings enterable.
  3. Big thank you for all those who attended the test session. I've taken A LOT of notes to improve the mission.
  4. I'm pushing the date back to next Sunday. I realized it's Mother's Day this Sunday and some of us still have mothers.
  5. With the help of Darksidesix I am 97% done porting over the Fallout New Vegas mission from Arma II originally made by Mikee. I just need to test mission mechanics and mission durability with players on the A3 engine. WHO: All interested members of the ARMA community WHAT: Play test Mikee's Fallout Roleplaying mission ported to Arma III WHEN: [19 MAY 2019 NEXT SUNDAY] 2000z until 2100ishz WHERE: United Operation’s Test Server 1 WHY: To jingle jangle jingle If you want to come and want a preassigned slot from the list https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Ymi3n__kKk9SbAHnvufOcKiZUcKmVtcyRdRSWXQ9Ccw/edit#gid=0 reply to the thread with the slot you want. This will be a roleplay mission and that the rules posted in this thread might change on Sunday. [New California Republic] Objective - Your only objective is to kill as many Legion scum as possible. Scavenge from the wasteland what you can. Make alliances with civilians who are willing to fight for your cause. LEGION Status: HOSTILE. BoS Status: HOSTILE. CIVILIANS Status: NEUTRAL-UNKNOWN. [CAESAR'S LEGION] Objective - Your only objective is to kill as many New California Republic scum as possible. NCR may want to take it away from you. Make alliances with civilians who are willing to fight for your cause. NCR Status: HOSTILE. BoS Status: HOSTILE. CIVILIANS Status: NEUTRAL-UNKNOWN. [TRADE POST] Objective - Your objective is to sell or buy items from other players. You must know how to role play and have some experience in bargaining. Players will come to you trying to sell items, weapons, ammo, medical supplies and vehicles and get equipment from you in exchange. You are one of the few critical players in the mission. It is very important that you roleplay. You don't want to just give guns, equipment, vehicles and ammunition away to people. This would ruin a point of this mission. [WASTELANDER] Objective - You are on your own. Decide what you want to do and who would you like to side with. You don't have a clear objective besides scavenge for weapons, unless you decide to support another group. [VARIOUS TOWNS] Objective - In case you are playing as part of a group, try to collect items, such as water, food, weapons and fuel, fight or trade with other people and basically find yourself in the world. These are the game play rules and notes written by Mikee for Fallout GAMEPLAY RULES: 1. FOLLOW THE RULES * Trade Post is a neutral zone but it is up to the traders guard to enforce. * Atempt NOT to fire on unarmed civilians unless they are being a dick. * Do not attack merchants directly or the out comes will not be rewarding. * Do not break into somebodys garage. You will not be able to do it and die in the process * Merchants and players make there own prices. Sometimes, you might buy item from another player much cheaper than from a merchant. It also works vise versa. * More rules to follow, once we play it on server * Global Chat = Trade Chat (Advertisment once every 1m-2m) Side Chat = War Decleration / Peace Talk * To kill a civillian you must declare war on there town and give 30 seconds advance warnning GAMEPLAY NOTES: 1. GENERAL GAMEPLAY GUIDELINES * At the beginning, trust nobody. * You and only you have access to your house and ammo crate located inside. Use this to safely store items that you find. Also, you may store your vehicle safely, if you park it in your garage. * When youve got your first real gun or vehicle, avoid any human encounter (unless you are playing in a group). Best choice is to bring it back to your house and put it in your ammo crate. This way, even if you die, you will have access to your gun. * You can go in the desert and enter in a random location (buildings, factories, gas-stations, etc...) to search for resources. * Alone in the desert, you wont be able to survive for a long time. Try to find some friendly guys, make alliances. You can find people talking mostly in Trading Post, right near Good Springs. * Look for boxes with weapons, supplies and ammunition. * Keep count on how many supplies you collected. * You will loose everything you had after your death.
  6. TVT63 Fireforce Fury V8
  7. v2 reduced ammo for the FN MAGs and gave opfor more AKs.
  8. v3 some minor things, don't worry about it.
  9. Are you interested in attending? Yes Have you purchased Global Mobilization? Yes
  10. V2 changelog fixed spectate randomized the location of the hideout added civilians
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