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  1. v2 fixed some low key shit removed 3 ai, reduced grenade throw chance and lowered health of vehicles
  2. v2 lowered the AI count fixed a bunch of framework stuff updated briefing
  3. TVT44 The Maple Meme V1
  4. As acting CO I've granted AC 337 permission to speak. "It's my regular poll and can't comment, 10/10 gaming community. I reserve the right to play on the server, don't try to stop me with this. I love the ability to bail out on this community whenever I want. The Spanish Inquisition is real, if it's me today it could be you tomorrow. I've got no desire to join the ranks of regular, there is nothing there in it for me." - AC 337 The realest shooter in this motherfucking joint.
  5. tvt36 firehouse on chernarus has uo framework error
  6. Ancient aliens have come to Eastern Europe to make their buildings enterable.
  7. Big thank you for all those who attended the test session. I've taken A LOT of notes to improve the mission.
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