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  1. Same shoes, got stuck at home after a knee surgery, 2 months to join UO again for some arma fun. Just one question thou, where's Zedic?!
  2. Sooooo... I may be back. Gotta figure out the modset again. Ohai.
  3. I'm not sure about the laws in the USA about recording people but (by the law) in Hungary you cant record individual people, even if they are in a public place. You can record a group of people in public, but for individual people you have to ask permission everywhere or hide their faces. That is except the security cameras but they are getting deleted regularly. Huge opportunity for abuse, but luckily I have nothing to hide, so if someone likes to watch my beautiful shrek face, well good for them then
  4. I play almost every day. AND YOU GUYS ARE NOWHERE IN HUMAN TIMES AND I HAVE TO KICK ASS ALL ALONE CAUSE OF YOU! so join me young padawans for great justice
  5. After spending my life of sitting 10+ hours in front of the computer daily, the keyboard is the only part that I really dont care about. The letters will wear off. It will get so dirty and full of bacteria, your toilet will be like a sterile medical knife. And im not exaggerating the keyboard in your house... in every household in the world is the thing that holds the most bacteria. And you will never take out all the letters to clean it. And even if you want to you wont be able to clean that black sticky mess from the buttons. Sure the keyboards today are black so it doesnt matter you dont see it anyway lol... The buttons will eventually fail, or it will get very loud. Any way, you will get bored of it and it will fail and it will turn into a disgusting hair and skin holder sooner or later no matter if its a 100 euro corsair logitech miracle or something else. So what I do is go into the nearest electronics shop or check the cheapest keyboards online. Choose the one that has numpad and correct language and thats it. Just buy the cheapest for 5 euros, and repeat every 0.5-2 years.
  6. Elite details details details. not marketing campaign but details. you can make an awesome game with vector graphics and details. Since elite this is one of my favourite genres. Hope he can make it but I kinda lost my faith. For money, everyone can turn away from improving the game itself. My last disappointment was the amazing game eve online that was used as a testbed for other console crap and months/years of development were put into something that is completely irrelevant and useless in the game. Anyway, elite was a good game. Hope he can make it and we'll see.
  7. Whether or not what we experienced was an According to Hoyle miracle is insignificant. What is significant is that I felt the touch of God. God got involved, In other news. Have I ever talked to you guys about divine intervention? Do you know what divine intervention is? Dont blow this shit off guys, god came down from heaven and stopped the bullets.
  8. I'll take Italy with Goosko if its ok for him. Navy. If we get this together it'll be more fun with major countries.
  9. pls define everything and the 4th of what?
  10. is the finest hour incompatible with the rest of the DLCs?
  11. would love to sign up for hungary, which is not listed, but i dont have the newest DLC that came out a few days ago.
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