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  1. I'm on standby tomorrow, so I might not make it, but I'll try to show up. If I am there, I can try and help people out. Been playing this game for years. Doctor Reaper rises again....
  2. Every time I login, my Cutlass is different. I've logged in like three times. I should probably mess around with this more.
  3. Not like you'd be invited anyways.
  4. Ship's USS Nimitz (CVN 68). If you glance at the meta-data it'll give you captions on some of those for what the aircraft is or what squadron too. Dropped some other non flight deck photos, plus a few of my favs. This one is nominated for best pictorial photo Every year all the armed services get together and they vote on who's got the best shots. The AMERICA [the one of the admiral] photo is also up for best portrait.
  5. I'm a photo journalist for the US Navy. A flight deck on an aircraft carrier is one of the most dangerous places in the world. They compare it to being on the same level as going into a combat zone [we get paid HAZ-pay for it too!], although I think that's a bit of a stretch. They don't allow people out with cameras for safety and secrecy reasons. There's some techy stuff that isn't supposed to be photographed for mass media. Also it's really easy to get killed if you're tunnel visioning with your camera. One of my series of shoots was on an E-2D Hawkeye coming in. I can't post those pics due to confidentiality unfortunately, but I almost ate prop blades when the thing turned unexpectedly after landing. I was sitting right in line with the engines trying to get a cool silhouette shot [if you can't tell those are my favorites]. My flight observer, who has their hand on a little strap on my back, yanked me down onto my ass and the thing pretty much went right over me. Not a fun experience. For the important stuff, you'll see phojos running around snapping pics of everything. We make pictures of enlisted too. Every time one of them looks at me and throws their arm around a buddy, I snap those too so they have something to send home to ma.
  6. The concept of this literally made me laugh out loud. It's a game simulating how bad we are to the environment, while trying to prevent it's destruction. I expect a game playing as a soldier who councils the families of the people he's killed next year. "Press A to comfort."
  7. Grabbed my flight deck observer by the collar and told her to get me the fuck out of the office. Didn't get blown off the flight deck, so that's always a good thing. These are probably my choice "selects" as far as photos go. I've got some other really good ones that I might add later. They're up for use for signatures or whatever. I love my job If for some reason you like a photo and want an original [these are all downsized from 20+ megs to 2ish, let me know and I can see if i can dig it up. The first photo is a little wonky. My camera actually broke after that shot and I had to use a secondary the rest of the underway. Took close to 18,000 photos. Still won't do weddings. [edit: Forgot my favorite one. ]
  8. I'd fly Navy, but I'm worried they'd probably arrest me on landing. Probably wouldn't like me stealing one of the birds. Grats dude. If your rotation puts you in the north asia area, with the big ol' red meatball, let me know and I'll come do a photoshoot for your ma. Reagan and Stennis are both good carriers. Avoid the Nimitz, she's headed back to dry dock after this next stint. I'm running away screaming for a reason. Her squadrons have been growing roots from what I've heard.
  9. I sat behind a Lt Cmdr who spent the entire captain's call playing candy crush on her phone. Knew I should've finished college.
  10. Nimitz right now, I'm in selection for orders this month. I'm fighting to get a broadcast media position out of Italy. There's no real good options right now for Photojournalism unless I want Groton. I'd rather jump off a bridge. [Please don't send me to safetalk]
  11. Titan Quest surprisingly works when run off an SD card. I've been trying to get Halo CE to work, but it's consistantly crashing after about 5 minutes of play. Not sure if it's a computer problem or just the wonky way I'm trying to launch the game. I pre-installed Serious Sam onto the network and actually launched it off multiple computers using the same EXE just for gigs. Ended up getting chased down by a giant scorpion thing that murdered us to death. This is so much better than the excel games they've been passing around.
  12. I'ma try brutal doom on monday. As for booting off a USB, there's a imaginary line in the sand. If I do too much crap, then they'll come in and clean up the computers and make rules. Less noticeable the better.
  13. Its funny because I've started titans quest probably a half a dozen times with friends, getting many hours into it, but its one of the few games that is just so goddamn long that I've never beat it.
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