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  1. Name: Joey Preferred Positions: Asst MG (Weapons, Corpsman Would you consider a leading position: No Comments: I'll take either of the positions stated above. And will do what is needed of me if it's called upon.
  2. Congrats man, what a nice acomplishment that is. PS i live 20 minitues from Seneca.
  3. Yah ill try and find you guys on TS.
  4. So how do you guys host a game? my friend wants to dogfight me in a battle, but we have no idea how to conneect to each other.
  5. Are there any downloadable careers or missions for Il-2?
  6. Intresting, i would defentily be intrested in something like that. by the way, i love being a bomber pilot.
  7. It's ok, i got it to work, i enabled zuti mod and thats all i need? Also what type of misisons do you guys do around here? Coop's with bomber missions, dogfights online?
  8. Ok, i got it to download, but how do i fly the new planes and all of that, i enabled zuti mod. but now what?
  9. "Setup could not find a title on the spcified path or disk" Is there a specific folder/folders i need to create, or download to shove ultra pack into? can't seem to find the problem out.
  10. It still gives me this error everytime i try and install ultrapack, anyone know what might be wrong?
  11. Does anyone know how to download ultra pack properly? Where to save itand all that.
  12. I would vote yes if i could, ZZEZ is a great guy to have around at UO.
  13. I have 4.09 and Hyperlobby, but when i download Ultrapack it tells me the "Setup could not find a title on the spcified path or disk" Am i mising something? do i need to add in specific folders to put them in? sorry i have no idea what im doing, im new to IL-2 Also, is Ultrapack the mod that allows you to fly the B-17 and other planes?
  14. Sorry to be a pain, can i have the links for those?
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