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  1. Been doing a lot of flying around in FSX lately and was wondering if anyone is intrested in getting in game and taking a cool cruise around some cool famous world locations.
  2. I had a post about this. But seems it was deleted. Glad my opinion is heard here.
  3. Recently got back into FSX Acceleration and been flying with people online. I love flying in formation and just cruising around. Wondering if anyone else is into this and is intrested in joining me for flight sometime?
  4. Drop your resolution down. It well help tremendously with only 512 mbVRAM
  5. Name: Rushhour Do you want to be the company commander of a multinational force? N Do you want to lead a platoon? N Do you want to lead a squad? Y Do you want to be a radio man? Y Special skills: None
  6. Nothing wrong with AMD, i would not purchase it for CPU, but still nothing is wrong with them. But i do love there GPU's and just purchased a 7870 Core edition.
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