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  1. So you take my image... and then you use MS paint on it... Why? Just why?
  2. make sure you allow the Arma server through the firewall of computer and router.
  3. Some firewalls that schools and businesses use allow website/service blocking by keywords such as games, porn, vulgar content, etc... Back when I was in high school they also blocked UO from being accessed inside of the school network. United Operations would come up as a gaming website when they filter for games.
  4. Update to my setup. http://imgur.com/a/5Qd4T
  5. To add onto this, what is your budget?
  6. 650m per level 5 skill? Nvm. Figured it out.
  7. Wouldnt mind getting back into it but I dont have a well built character to roll with you guys.
  8. Welcome! If you need anything, let me know.
  9. I agree with you on the TIR Clip not fittitng well on the headset, but I've never had a clip break on me because of that. I have broke many TIR clips from dropping my headset off my desk however...
  10. I use to rock plantronics 780's for 4 years. I bought two pairs over the last 4 years. I ended up going to sennheiser hd 598s and there is no going back from there. I recommend saving pennies up and buying a decent pair of headphones but it's up to you man. It's your money.
  11. I do agree we should do something within the community before doing this event. However, I wouldn't mind fighting the Russians in some missions. We had some issues last time we had an event with Russians that hopefully we could improve on.
  12. I voted yes. I haven't played much with Mixrate, but based off of other regular's opinions my vote is yes.
  13. Meh tucker your photography sucks. Just kidding, as always, kickass photos. Nice looking car Mikee. I've had my 08 Civic Si slammed and tuned, its almost back to stock now and looking to sell it here in the near future for a new car. I also have a few car photos on my flickr. http://flickr.com/austinoneil
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