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  1. Update: I'm back again Getting released in a year.
  2. Almost 6 years ago when IncaKilla added me on Xfire regarding a video i had uploaded there about a game called "Ruse" and introduced me to ArmA:2. Time flies...
  3. Let me know your steam, i'll hit you up!
  4. First thing i do is set the controls preset to arma 2 anyways
  5. Awesome! I saw ACE3 got released a while ago, is it as promising as ACE2? EDIT: What about ACRE? Still the same?
  6. Jawohl! Aber bitte nen' Kasten, sonst wirds ja nichts.
  7. Brent, don't you play games with me boy!
  8. Exactly! Kassa the undead Red! Take a seat! Crack open a cold one and put on your favorite national-socialistic music! I'm getting drafted into the IDF in about a month and a half and thought i'd show up and brush up on my high speed military lingo. GF got me a GTX660 from work for cheap as hell and i managed to scavenge another 4 GB of RAM from her old PC, so now i'm able to run A3 on doable settings. If only the damn alcohol tax in Israel wouldn't be so high i would of been back sooner but oh well. So how's it going? What's new? Someone give me a SITREP. Haven't played since like a month after the official UO A3 release.
  9. I was informed over Facebook by his mother that he had a fatal accident with a motorcycle. He was driving home most likely and got caught by an older driver who dismissed Sherms right of way. He had no chance to break and wen't full speed into the side of car, suffering fatal injuries. For those interested, here is the Police report (German): http://www.polizei.rlp.de/internet/nav/83a/presse.jsp?uMen=83a70d73-c9a2-b001-be59-2680a525fe06&_ic_uCon=4ca60858-e2a8-f841-c5ec-3f1f282c266d&page=1&pagesize=10 Rest in peace Sherms
  10. Bro why did you delete my FB post pointing some things out with that tattoo? Mhhh?
  11. KassareD


    Did you get called back to base? I know that Tel Aviv is under fire atm, like 15 mins ago they had an alarm siren go off not too far from zzez and someone else i know
  12. For good faith, hello.
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