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  1. Altis Forces Rearmed APEX Hotfix 1 Download Changelog: Added: Optional replacement config in tb_alfr_replaceBI.pbo Added: Optional RHS, ACE, and RHS+ACE mags compatibility addon. Fixed: author config entry errors on all included addons. Fixed: Mk21 UGL Sight rotation. Changed: Mk21 Inherits from Spar 16 base class. Better sounds and more appropriate character reload animations. Changed: Mk23/24 Inherits from LIM-85 base class. Better sounds and more appropriate character reload animations, weapon reload animations adjusted to fit. Note: 200rnd 5.56mm box magazine classes depreciated with APEX release. Will no longer be compatible with Mk 23 weapon. Use BI 200rnd boxes instead. (AFAIK Hotfix 1 already prepared) Hotfix 2 Pre-Release Additions: Downloads: tb_alfr_wheeled.pbo tb_alfr_rbs70.pbo Changelog: Fixed: author config entry errors on all included addons. Changed/Fixed: Engine rework of all Landrovers. Changed: Landrover Sounds, attenuation and compartment positioning. Changed: Reworked headlights. To Do: Unarmed LPV variant with "turret" FFV position.
  2. With any luck / can speculate that the greenskins will get at least Stompas, if not Gargants, which should be entertaining vs IK/WK. Only mildly disappointed by the absence of the guard or 'nids, still looking forward to more news though.
  3. A chaps eye view of the aforementioned art installation. Been some good times/grinds of late, probably worth getting a bunch of us together to get in on some of the larger clusters of fleets near port aux prince and nippes. e: oh and a gallery of one of our previous jaunts with the horde
  4. Joined up with cheese on PvP 1. Enjoyed a longer than was probably sensible session cutting about Jamaica and up to Cuba. in-game name: Toadball (surprisingly)
  5. Providing client doesn't run late I'll be game for this.
  6. The ArmA 3 Feedback Tracker is a valuable tool for both BI and the community. As a couple of folk, myself included, have wanted to get attention to particular bugs and to save bumping the old alpha feedback tracker thread I figured I'd post this up. Share any issues you want to get attention here so folk can hopefully vote them up. 0024629: Config property 'magazineGroup' has no effect. magazineGroup was introduced in v1.42 back in April, a bit of info on it can be found on the BI Community wiki simply put: it would (in theory) allow for easy magazine compatibility across addons/mods. If it worked of course.
  7. The only function in tb3_gear that is specific to the format detailed in the readme is tb3_floadout. Of course, functions called within tb3_floadout can be used in other gear scripts as required though in doing so, i would strongly recommend looking at how they are called within tb3_gear. It should not conflict with the olsen framework, as zumorc said, you can use one with the other though I'm not sure why you would. If you are using the olsen framework theres little sense in not using its system for loadouts if it works.
  8. It's a limitation of the addPrimaryWeaponItem command. Recent updates to the addWeaponItem command on devbranch have added the functionality of adding magazines to specific muzzles, I will likely look into updating things to work with that. Ideally they also update addPrimaryWeaponItem as well, that seems a bit close to a good idea though.
  9. Arsenal exports are a great way to get the you want classnames if you don't know what you're looking for. However, the output script is not one I would recommend using on the primary server due to potential to mess with ACRE thanks to a bug in ArmA itself: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=22741 http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=19829
  10. The script should have thrown up a script error explaining the issue with the broken array (it would have indeed errored out and stopped adding stuff for any unit with the affected loadout), if you are not already make sure you are running with showScriptErrrors on.
  11. That is correct for assignedItems, these get put into specific locations in your inventory: i.e nvg slot, gps item slot, watch item slot, map item slot so on and so forth, if something is not there it's not added nor will the order things are in the array matter. Again, correct for having the weapon start with a magazine loaded. Edit: As herbiie said: works for launchers and pistols also.
  12. Should be put in the assignedItems array iirc at the office so can't double check my own stuff.
  13. Much like furniture in the dark: Somebody told me about it, and while wandering around in the dark I banged my shin on it and have been uttering obscenities since. Back in 2011/12 I joined Cheese for a couple of games with some other folk from a community we frequented at the time, dropped by on and off for a while, attended one of the TVT events back then and have been around since.
  14. It is possible, whether or not I get around to do it is another matter really. I'd honestly much rather replace it entirely with a Carl Gustav M4 and it's assorted goodies but that's easier said than done. Updates: ALFR v1.5 RC1 Affected PBOs: tb_alfr_mk21.pbo tb_alfr_mk22.pbo tb_alfr_mk23.pbo tb_alfr_mk25.pbo Changelog: Fixed: UGL Animations and associated models adjusted to use new ReloadMagazine2 source. Fixed: ASDG JR dependency removed following merger with CBA. Weapons now require CBA. Fixed: Weapons now inherit from appropriate CBA JR muzzle classes
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