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  1. Tried to play once or twice with the bay12 guys, but unfortunately the game is plagued pretty horribly with lag. i'm not sure how it fares today, but I imagine it's still pretty lagtastic. Cool idea for a game though, when I played I got a whole planet to myself to colonize and it had no breathable atmosphere so my roads had to be paved with bubbles over them.
  2. I don't know how you guys do it. My last Logitech mice got busted left mouse buttons. My M500 lasted quite a while before the problem broke out, but my G500 only lasted a few months before the LMB started acting wonky. it's such a shame because I loved how those mice felt in my hand. G500's thumb buttons were kinda annoying with how 'sharp' they were, as if trying to puncture my thumb.
  3. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16826104328&Tpk=logitech%20m500&IsVirtualParent=1 If it weren't for the problems with the left mouse button going haywire after using it too much, I would recommend this mouse. It's not a 'gaming' mouse but so far out of the few mice I've had that used thumb buttons this one had the most comfortable and easy to access thumb buttons. The gigabyte mouse posted above looks to have a very similar shape, so it would probably be a better alternative. I don't know the build quality or how comfortable the thumb buttons are, though. Also, before you ask, yes thumb buttons are good.
  4. When i first heard of Artemis I was immediately intrigued, the idea of manning a single vehicle in a co-op style has always been appealing, yet only a few games I'm aware of did it (arma, I think the older battlefield games.) I wonder what's changed since last I played... If you're interested in this game there is another game by the name of Guns of Icarus Online. It's similar in that you have a crew of 4 manning a single vessel, but it's steampunk zeppelins instead of space flight and you have an avatar/character that you move around in-game to man the different weapons or repair the different components.
  5. It could also simply help distinguish between two talking people. You have to keep in mind that these were presented on a big stage to be viewed by a live audience, they will sometimes say things that you wouldn't say in an actual game simply pointing stuff out to the audience. The first time I watched the video I didn't see the guy deploying the turret on the hood of the car despite the guy staring straight at it, I was too concentrated on figuring out why he wasn't shooting or fighting. It was to draw the viewer's attention to the player deploying the turret. I feel dumb =p In reality you wouldn't stare at your teammate deploying the turret, it was a demonstration. One thing I'm confused about... the MGS 4 'see all enemies through walls' pulse he did before the fight... if he can do that, why would he need the player with the tablet drone flying around marking targets behind walls? Hmmm.
  6. I haven't seen the video in a while but the only things that stick out in my mind are chest-high-wall-based cover shooting, autoaim, and the whole 'play during your toilet break as a drone thingy'. [goes to watch the video again] Okay, from what I'm gathering while watching the video it seems it's a kinda mix of open world and instances ("the underground" sewer that the woman suggested they come back to visit afte rthe police station could be a 'dungeon'?) There's a sort of system similar to MGS4 online where you can kinda do a scan to see where enemies are located through walls. You might only be able to have access to a few of your skills at a time, but have multiple skills unlocked, similar to Guild Wars 2. Third person chest-high-wall cover based shooting with autoaim. Although perhaps the autoaim isn't prfect since after the molotov is throuwn he goes into shooting mode and the crosshair isn't directly over the enemy he's aiming at. Or he just nudged the controls. (the autoaim could also just be for the demonstration, or perhaps a skill/perk you have to level up or something similar?) Play during your toilet break as a drone thingy using your phone or tablet. Looting for things like food and water, basic survival aspects? Or just healing items? Maybe quest items? The building shaking/falling part slightly near the end, scripted or an actual thing that can occur? Oh, and of course, voice chat with your squadmates. At the end of the video... BF2 commander mode or some kind of RTS view? Has there been any more information released about it? Seems like it could be interesting if it was kinda Planetside-like where things are fairly persistent in a semi-open world.
  7. Learn how to construct 'asparagus stalk systems' and you can get pretty much anywhere with vanilla parts. Only mod I have currently is the aviation lights. http://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Tutorial:Asparagus_Staging Also, to aid leaving a planet's atmosphere with the most fuel-efficient burn, you shouldn't be going faster than terminal velocity. In the case of Kerbin, the terminal velocities are listed in this nifty chart. http://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Kerbin#Atmosphere EDIT: If you're trying to build an SSTO, I have no advice for you, they are significantly more difficult to create than a disposable rocket. EDIT 2: As for mechjeb, while pilots in reality did have autopilot of sorts, part of the fun of KSP I feel is manually planning and performing maneuvers.
  8. Oh man that sucks if they actually limit you to only 2 per squadron. I hated only being able to play with 3-man platoons' in WoT and the 4-man squadron was one of the biggest reasons I started playing. Oh well, if I like the game/play enough I'll probably get premium at one point or another.
  9. Until there is a good reason for me needing a console I'm not going to bother getting one. One of the things I liked about the PS3 multiplayer was I didn't have to pay a fee. Playstation Plus is awesome, or so I've heard, but I don't want to pay for something I don't really use that often. Nintendo WiiU doesn't have any games I'm interested in playing, so that's out of the question. XBone... well, it's 100 dollars more because of a piece of tertiary hardware I'm not interested in using. Hopefully regardless of who 'wins' the console wars, games start being made on PC and then ported to consoles more often because of the X86 architecture or whatever it is. It just makes more sense to make a game and then scale it down as opposed to making a game and then... not scaling it up at all for the better hardware. *shrug*
  10. After playing with you guys it's apparent that I at least need to level up some planes before flying again. Also, I've never really seriously played a flight sim before so my situational awareness is naturally going to be pretty bad. Don't be surprised if I don't talk much
  11. I find it hilarious that I'm shooting down more enemies in my bomber than some people on my team do in their fighters Granted a lot of it is the tail gun, but you know...
  12. Yes I've read the topic, one of the main things I'm excited about is the tanks, since they're a much more easy thing for me to handle =p I played a bit of World of Tanks and enjoyed it, and I kinda assumed this would be similar but better/more diverse. Also, being able to play with people cross-platform is interesting me and I support that design decision 100% So far I've been focusing on getting the IL-2 Sturmovik, simply because it's an IL-2. Same reason I beelined for the T-34 in WoT, hehehe. They do need to work on some of the translation though, I thought 'visibiliy' was some kind of skill that made you harder to spot, but it should actually be called 'situational awareness' EDIT: I just did my first interesting mission, where we had to go blow up the enemy base and their convoys in a canyon while defending ours.
  13. I just started playing this when I saw the topic to give it a try. Are all of the arcade battles the same exact thing? It seems to always be attack vehicles or attack trenches. I have a joystick but it's made by MadCats =/ don't want to have to use it if I don't have to playing the other gamemodes just to have something interesting happen. Also I am a terrible pilot which doesn't help.
  14. Shouldn't it be InvasionA or something? Anyways, good luck with your thingyjig. DayZ went in directions I wasn't interested.
  15. Is that so? The main reason I stopped playing was because it's not fun for me playing with only a handful of people, which was the case after the UO outfit essentially died. Care to share the name of this outfit?
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