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  1. CO18 - BDA Ford HC v1.1
  2. CO31 - TKA01 On Site HC v1.1
  3. Please update your mission list entry when you update the mission. Should be working now.
  4. Mission file name is formatted incorrectly, should be CO09_Mios_Dios_Malvinas_v1.Altis.pbo
  5. CO36 - Koskelanlyla HC v1.0
  6. Should be current on this as of now.
  7. CO36 - Kantola HC v1.7
  8. This is probably Zesty Zatar. Anyone know what the status of this is?
  9. The description of mission: https://www.steelbeasts.com/topic/12727-kanium-sunday-19th-of-may-1800-gmt-cutting-the-motti-by-nike-ajax/ [TinfoilHate/A23]
  10. CO24 - CDF/20 - Bunstorf Attack HC v1.1
  11. Are you interested in attending? Yes. Have you purchased Global Mobilization? Yes.
  12. CO11 Pusta Patrol V3 - No slots
  13. TVT39 - Tuvanaka Takedown v1.2
  14. Please post a reply if you encounter a broken mission! Include the mission name, version, and issue(s) encountered! Example (and also broken): CO30 Forca Bruta v1: Broken spectator \Edit: Marvin:/ PLEASE stop using the actual report button on the missions to report broken missions. That is not the intended function nor will the proper people see the report at this time. That button is for reporting SOP or Charter violations like a forum post.
  15. 2019/04/04 - Includes current pack + upcoming faction additions: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1E9YvNwemCFEtuX7c-Y7HDM84opNafSFl
  16. TVT59 - Rosche Roulette Prime v1.2.2
  17. TinfoilHate/23 also sweet jesus why did you not change the name
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