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  1. In-game Name: Jebus Do you want to lead?: No Q.C.C.: None
  2. I have no idea if this has been reported, but when we used to have the mod activated, I noticed that players as well as AI could turn their waist 90 degrees to each side when holding down ALT and aiming. This made the AI shoot at you even if their body was pointed in the entirely wrong direction. When you deactivate the mod, you notice that the AI will shoot at you when their body is somewhat facing you. In default ARMA, I think you can only turn like 45 degrees to each side. Sorry for reviving this. This is just explanation for anyone in the future who still wants to consider adding this mod.
  3. Yeah man, that busted up nose and your thigh sounds pretty bad. Be careful and stay healthy so they don't come back to bite you in the ass when you're like 70.
  4. Lol, that sucks. I'm such a pussy because I don't want to do fighting sports without headgear like MMA. I'm afraid my pretty face will break. (I'm actually really ugly, but I would hate to have a broken nose.) Whoops, forgot to mention that my trainer DID tell me to work light right before we sparred. I actually sparred the tall dude in the back corner of the room afterwards. I am going to withhold that video as I got the shit beat out of me lol.
  5. I admit I was very open to shots like 60% of the time. When I spar people who are more skilled I'm a lot more serious. We spar 3 minute rounds with 30 second rest, but the guy didn't even last a minute before his nose started bleeding like crazy. Also, he was fighting at a pace that would last him only 2-3 rounds before he was gassed. I was fighting at a pace that would last me more than 6 rounds. I don't want to be a shithead, but I was going really easy on him. I was literally tapping him with my jab, and I only hit him hard when he became too aggressive. As for leading with my head, I should probably fix that...
  6. I'm doing amateur boxing right now. Its hard because I'm taking AP classes in school and boxing is very time consuming. Staying up to 2AM every weekday doing my homework now. Haven't gone to the gym for 2 straight weeks. Here's a kind of recent video me sparring some dude. I had to go kind of easy on him because he was new, but you can see me showing off and doing lots of unnecessary shit lol. I have the white gloves. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvBpZPc8AHc
  7. Although Griz was AFK in one of the guard towers, that was me who was firing the M32 at the telephone poles and guard towers. My team and I agreed that I would go down to the compound with the M32 and attract as much enemy fire as possible while my team would locate the source of fire and flank. I made sure not to hit the guard tower that Griz was AFK in. Why did we resort to this tactic? 1. There were only like 1-2 BLUFOR left roaming around somewhere in the AO and refused to initiate contact with us. 2. Admin refused to call it. Soooo, in conclusion my point is that --- Although Griz was AFK in the tower, he should not be blamed for the "lolling around in the middle of the compound" with the grenade launcher because THAT was me.
  8. Name: Jebus Are you a Regular? N Do you want to be the Mission Commander? N Do you want to lead a Platoon? N Do you want to lead a Squad? N Do you have any Role Desire? Rifle, TL
  9. Name: Jebus Preferred Slot: RTO, Rifle, AR, Grenadier? Are you interested in a leadership role: only for fireteam level Will inform mission organizer of non attendance: yes This underline shit is annoying but please add me to any leftover slots or reserve or something.
  10. I know this ban length is almost over, but I'd still like to add my 2 cents and say that Spencer is completely right. September was confused. He was trying his best to follow commands at first, but when command was getting impatient with our pace of movement, September kind of fell off the track and began moving places he shouldn't be. I'm 100% sure that he was not derping or ramboing on purpose. He's definitely not the kind of guy that does that stuff. Maybe a disciplinary action was necessary to put him back into line, but I just think it didn't have to be a ban. I guess we can just be happy that it's only 24 hours. We don't have to hold grudges for something as little as this.
  11. 2 looks exactly like the movie, but 5 looks the most realistic.
  12. Yeah, I've replaced the video with the REAL scorecard from the fight. I payed 60 bucks to see the best man win, but Bob Arum won instead!!! I just can't believe this. There are always going to be rigged fights, but this one was just TOO far. Have fun for the next few years Bradley, because Bob Arum will soon do the same to you as he did Pacquiao.
  13. LISTEN UP GUYS, THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED--- WBO and Bob Arum payed the judges millions of dollars to score Bradley as the winner. Why? Because Pacquiao is getting slightly old, and the recent scandal about gays has been bad for his reputation. WBO and Bob Arum wants a new, fresh, up-and-coming undefeated boxer(Bradley) to take the WBO title so they can make more --- $CHA-CHING$! It's so fucking obvious! I've been posting this EVERYWHERE so people will know what is going on. FUCK YOU Bob Arum, FUCK YOU WBO, and FUCK YOU judges who accepted the bribe. Adding scorecard link: EDIT: (I'm sorry. I'm not trying to reference Ray Bradbury's death with the thread title or anything. I'm saying it from my own mind.)
  14. I remember when I was like 7 or 8 and my dad bought me Delta Force Land Warrior. I had no idea what I was doing. I have so many memories of that pyramid and snow castle map. Oh man, I can still see myself on my dad's computer on a sunny day while the rest of the kids were outside............... shit.
  15. We weren't able to talk to Tiger after the incident as he instantly lost connection to the server right after he gunned down his teammates. Yeah, we know it's completely possible it was an accident. But if it was an accident, I would have instantly gotten on the forums to appeal and explain what happened. Has Tiger done that? No, and this ban has been active for almost 2 days. ---Come on Tiger, just tell us what happened!
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