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  1. Why not a "Perm" ban no less than x months that continues unless and until he appeals for parole? I am all for a player maturing but why lift a ban without cause? Either appeal the ban like Zedic said or appeal for parole after a minimum period.
  2. Mienke should be banned. This is the first time since being at UO I have ever considered this. First I heard Marvin warn Mienke. Then as Marvin said I was training two guys when we were killed at the crates. I saw Marvin killed several times on spawn, each time in less than a second. Then Mienke entered the hanger I let him know he was about to be banned to which he replied he did nothing. When I told him there was evidence he changed his story to “I was not told”. PROs should contact other communities with the info and his UID. Why let him spam others without warning?
  3. Foxxy you see this one? http://customize.org/rainmeter/skins/58074
  4. Just an idea. We could have a complete turnover of Officers of one type sometime. For continuity I am not sure that would be best. The US Senate is divided into three classes for purposes of elections. Senators are elected to six-year terms, and every two years the members of one class—approximately one-third of the Senators—face election or reelection. Instead of every 3 months we could have one-third of the Officers elected every month. And instead of starting at the end of the poll we could have the vote the first week of the month starting May 1st. That would be easy to remember… First week of the month - “Officer Elections”.
  5. This is my first vote as a Regular… and doubtlessly will be my easiest. Yes.
  6. I would like to thank the Regulars that supported my nomination. I look forward to the responsibility and privilege of becoming a Regular. Any affirmation is proportional to the group extending it. If you are accepted by a group you marginally respect then the feeling of acceptance is also marginal. If however you are accepted by peers you hold in very high regard, well… let’s just say I feel great! I would like to especially thank anyone who took the time to post a comment. Inkompetent you were probably not alone in wanting a third option in voting. There are many excellent reasons for wanting to be counted in the poll without a definitive vote. I thought about having a poll with “Yes”, “No” and “Abstain” but instead kept with the SOP 2 option protocol. For anyone whom voted against my nomination or thought about voting against my nomination I sincerely hope in the coming months my deeds change your mind and win your acceptance. Thank you guys :-/
  7. "The exception [that] proves the rule" Great idea Boon. I was just trying to anticipate possible exceptions and only came up with this scenario. “The Big Event” Sometime in the future a half day Saturday Event is planned by a Regular with military experience to convey leadership tactics and procedures to improve UO game play. It is very well received with the limit of 30 (co30) players participating. The Event could be a series of missions (maps) or maybe for continuity reasons only one “mission” that will take 3-4 hours. The other servers are shut down for performance. After a couple of hours inexplicably a flood of x+1 members are in the waiting room wanting a new map. Would it be fair for those who invested 2 hours or for the Event Planner to terminate when they are only half done? Should the Admin be punished for either decision he makes?
  8. I would like to become a Regular of this community. First, thank you for creating UO. The founding principles in the Charter are exactly what I was looking for. The structure and leadership are extraordinary. I am continually impressed by the Members/Regulars/Officers. I love the International diversity, the unit cohesion and the generally respectful yet sometimes colorful dialog. It sounds like sugar coating but trust me if I felt differently I would not hesitate making it known. I have been a multiplayer since FalconAT (null modem cable) and mission editing OFP/ArmA when it first appeared in North America (Sept 01). My name will generally be the bottom of debriefing statistics partially because I do not mind support roles but frankly there are many fine marksmen in this community. I have been prodded to by several Regulars/Officers to apply for Regular status. I wanted to wait until I had a real sense of what UO was. It took me more than two months not two weeks. I would take the honor and responsibility of Regular status sincerely. Thank you, ARMA2 Profile Name: Hawkeye ARMA2 Profile ID: 1015744
  9. I must confess sandi… I quoted your fellow Englishman I a transparent attempt to curry favor. And although I used the more familiar form at least I did not use” Billy”! krause… I know I was somewhat off point. I hope offering the perspective that it is not a question of time regulation for players or mission makers but rather a question of levering our fantastic resources was not offensive. It is somewhat my nature to question additional regulations. Certainly the atmosphere at UO to rely the community to behave responsibly over excessive structure is one of the things I have found most refreshing and appealing.
  10. Excellent point. Sometimes I resort to humor to illustrate a point.
  11. Yankee Stadium?!?! Evil Empire home turf! Maybe we should scrap the “Naming rights” concept right now! OMG what a dumb idea!
  12. As a new Member to UO community (this is only my second post), I really do not understand what is going on. Is there a stigma to playing on a sever labeled “Alt”? If so why not change the server names to “Alpha & Bravo” or “One & Two” or let whoever contributes the most financially to UO that month have the naming rights like they do for sports complexes. Naming rights could be fun and generate additional philanthropic revenue for UO. If “Naming rights” is implemented get ready to play on “The Boston Garden” and “Fenway Park” servers!
  13. First, thank you krause for bringing this issue to a vote. I had no idea that some players felt this strongly about the kind of missions that should be played at UO. I guess I do not completely understand what the purpose of the Alt Server is. If players are in “Server 1 – Waiting Room” and want to play a different kind of mission what prevents them from using the Alt Server? If players are enjoying ANY kind of mission why force them off or limit mission maker’s creativity? If there was only one server then setting limits makes perfect sense. But in a community with two gaming servers why not just rule that only one “seeder mission” can be running at a time, and then require “SEEDER” in the mission description. Then enjoyable game play would not be interrupted and the other server not being used would be free for those great tactical missions. I really enjoy both tactical and seeder missions. Certainly tactical missions require no defense in a community of ARMA/ACE/ACRE players! Seeder missions help us new to the UO community hone our skills as leaders, pilots, crewmen and members of a squad, besides sometimes they are just plain fun!
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