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  1. Also New interactive moving map from Red Dog
  2. Important Setup Info for BMS by Wizard » Wed Sep 07, 2011 5:46 pm So they do not get lost in other, more informational threads about how to actually FLY in BMS, I've created this thread for things that a new BMS user SHOULD DO while setting up their new game. 1) Do not use any other keyfile than the ones shipped with BMS. You will *NOT* have access to the new callbacks or functions in BMS if you do. If the keyboard layout is critical to you, then use keystrokes.key. If you want a DirectX-based key assignments where your HOTAS does exactly what the real life HOTAS does, then use BMS.key and assign BUTTONS, not a profile. Profiles bring extra features, yes, but extra problems, and extra things to go wrong. You can click on the 3d cockpit for nearly anything else you may need, so KISS and just use DirectX! (I use DirectX for everything I could on my HOTAS, and it works flawlessly) Ever wonder why the x2 would pop up in AF sometimes? Someone was using a keyboard-based profile, and they activated time compression with their key combos. 2) YOU MUST edit your falcon bms.cfg file or you will use massive amounts of HD space when flying multiplayer that you must manually clean up. The game was released with PACKET LOGGING enabled, so the game stores a history of all the packets you send and receive in multiplayer. In 2 hours of flying, this will amount to nearly a GB - and it keeps going up. In the "MP Settings" section of falcon bms.cfg, add the following two lines: set g_bMessageStatistics 0 set g_bEnableRakNetPacketLogger 0 If you flew MP without these two lines, go into BMS\User\Logs and delete all the files in there. 3) If the game crashes upon startup, go into Configuration on the launch screen, and DISABLE the intro video. 4) BMS requires ports 2934-2937 UDP, as well as ports 9987-9989 UDP for IVC. 5) Download and install Weapon Delivery Planner. http://www.weapondeliveryplanner.nl/download/index.html You may initially think "it's not necessary..." Well, I challenge you to install it anyway and look at what it does and then tell me it isn't important Will add more as things as learned...
  3. Reference: Multiplayer Bandwidth Settings They say 250kbits per client without IVC.
  4. A nice interface and tool for the DTC (Data Transfer Cartridge) and planning missions. WDP
  5. Reference from 72nd Virtual Fighter Wing Getting IVC working with BMS
  6. Fixed date to 3 Oct 2011 per Charter. ◦5.3.4 - Operations of Officer removal must be decided by a two thirds vote lasting two (2) weeks
  7. I did not think I did say anything like that about Krause... but being an old guy I must admit I had to check my post If you check I only wanted to shield Krause from blame and point out how underappreciated I think he is.
  8. I became a Forum Moderator to help my friend Marvin. He and Sceaduwe were working very hard on converting the Forums so I offered to help lessen the Forum work load. I was approach yesterday by a Regular to review whether the Mike ban followed SOPs. It did not. I am not an original Regular therefore I cannot make a determination based on original intent. I can only follow the written Charter and SOPs. However 44 Regulars took the time to vote and closing the thread on a technicality did not sit well with me so I poked Krause and asked him to start a new one as an Officer. Last night I was able to speak with Mike on TeamSpeak to explain my actions and reasons. He understood. I was on the fence about banning Mike. Falcon made a well crafted case but besides the first ban which Mike now admits he was very wrong the later charges seem minor and unfortunately common. The last charge was more than 7 weeks old so when Mike asked me why he was being banned now I could not tell him. I guess what impressed me was Mike’s unprompted suggestion to speak to Falcon on TeamSpeak . The impersonal nature of the Forums I think hurts our community. I wish we took advantage being able talk to each other. I hope no one blames Krause for restarting the ban thread or trying to amend the Charter/SOPs. Clearly I am accountable for both those threads. I know not everyone appreciates Krause but a close look at his most recent efforts with the Falcon BMS tutorials is worth it. He spent literally hours creating videos teaching others what he already knew. That is in the best tradition of UO. Being the oldest Regular it should come as no surprise I started flying Falcon in 1988 and OFP/ARMA in 2001. I love those games and enjoyed them both in sp and with brothers/friends. Online squadrons/communities have been around forever but I never came close to joining them, until UO. UO was different. The Charter had a welcoming democratic tone. UO was based the best aspirations of gaming. We need to recommit to the values that launched UO in the first place. It really is about enjoying gaming with people you respect and have a good time with. I see being a Regular as a responsibility not a power. If you are a Regular and have concerns about our current direction now is the time to act. Now is the time to write and express in general terms where you would like to see UO headed. The details can come later. Now is the time to step back, reevaluate and paint with a broad brush what you feel should define United Operations!
  9. How about... A Regular/Officer may object and reverse any action taken on a Member by posting a 7 day poll carried by a simple majority.
  10. What does this mean? "Contentious instances of summary justice may be resolved by a standard operation lasting seven (7) days."
  11. I am posting some files to share and compare setups. Saitek X52 (Not PRO version): Work in progress (F4BMS4test.pr0 [use F4BMS4test.txt and rename ext]), also working on 3 jpgs for graphic reference. VAC (See SWAMP TS channel): Just finnishing AWACS/Tower/Tanker profile. Full profile in text form only now. TouchBuddy or Touchdown (See SWAMP TS channel): I have used ICP for F4AF. Exploring adding external display MFDs with buttons. F4BMS4test.txt
  12. Yes today I update again just in case. Select the x52 as controller and load "keystrokes" for best results so far. However I need to add gear up and gear dn to the key file somehow!
  13. I found a bug in BMS. If you are in Setup/Controllers/Advanced/Flight Control and make a change to your axis settings your keyboard/joystick will not work. Save your changes and completely close the game. Restart the game and things should now work.
  14. If(_TotalUnits <= 1) then {

    hint "ZZEZ is best pilot";


    If(_TotalUnits > 1) then {

    hint "If ZZEZ is your pilot, find a T-10 quick!";


  15. Mongo, I did think that a 72 hour window could lead to bad behavior. It could happen. If it does I will be the first to recommend a Charter change. Nothing is written in stone. If a Regular does act poorly for 72 hours is that someone we want as a Regular? I do not think it would be hard to garner the votes needed to vote him/her out. I would rather believe in the better character of our Regulars. The question before us is very simple. Do you believe in extending grace?
  16. [_unit] call ACE_fnc_isPilot

  17. I believe we should consider making amendments to our Charter to protect Regulars and Officers from themselves. Sometimes regrettably, drama on TeamSpeak and the Forums can reach a fever pitch resulting in resignations as Regulars and Officers that, had there been a cooling off period may never been made. In my state there is a three day period after signing a contract that allows for retraction. I would suggest a three day cooling off period to allow a Regular or Officer to reconsider any resignations that may have been made in haste. I think it is a positive sign of a maturing community when that community is willing to extend grace. (Add under… 5.2 – Regulars) (Add under… 5.3 – Officers)
  18. I am in favor of augmenting the ban system with the player acknowledging the reason for the ban. Bert’s point that a ban without acknowledgement can be totally ineffective is a good one. Nikov’s point that there should not be a timer penalty is also excellent. I would add three considerations: 1. I have seen some questionable bans. Requiring remorse seems a little extreme. A simple acknowledgement would be good enough for me knowing effectively that player would be on an unofficial probation as well. 2. We should hear from the Officers if this would add an undesirable additional workload. 3. Would this apply to TeamSpeak bans as well?
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