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  1. Added one day to the poll completion date due to Forums being down for one day. Was [15-11-2011] Now [2011-11-16]
  2. Real simple. Let people who are having fun alone. If you do not want to play a seeder mission start a new one on the alt.
  3. I have used the X52 for years. Love it.
  4. Again... sigh... (You can allow custom faces and not custom sounds... not my point however) It is easy to get caught up with details. I am sorry I am failing so badly in conveying the bigger picture. All my posts in this thread are believe it or not are on the original Impulse point... abet an encompassing point. Please allow me to try again. I really do not like long posts. I will try to keep it short. Forget the details, mechanics, preconceptions of original founding intent, preconceptions of current personal intent, actions of others in the past, any micro focus or any prejudice of TS icons for just a minute. Just let it go. Step back. Step way back and just look how we treat others in our community. We are a community. I think you will agree a really good community. Often at UO we completely fail to look at the big picture. It almost seems to be in the nature of how forums operate… not just ours by any means. We argue over the smallest points… to death. There is a tendency by many to force… even by vote… their will on others. There is an undercurrent of struggle… when there does not need to be. Often I am left wondering why. Why do we do this to ourselves over and over again? This is not about Impulse at all. I have said this before. There is no one at UO I respect more than Impulse. This is about the nature of online communities… how things are done and our opportunity to create a better way. This is about a tone. This is about treating others the way we could only hope others would treat us. This is about treating Members with the same respect we treat Regulars. This is about treating Officers not only with the same respect we treat Regulars for once but also with an additional tone of appreciation for their efforts for the greater good. This is about keeping it fun. When the Officers meet this weekend to refine the SOPs I can only hope the first and primary intent is how they can make UO a great community for everyone... a really fun place. Maybe even let Members have a TS flavor icon so they can feel more a part of the community and can express their personalities. Any action should not be a projection of power rather a projection of the potential of how great UO can be. Open things up. Think fun!
  5. Impulse I agree that customs sounds can cause problems. But that was not what I cited. Be fair. Everyone... It is not the details as much as the trend I wanted to highlight. It is not one persons actions but rather overall tone. I want you to "not seeing the forest for the trees". Get it? I can think of only one expansion of personal express in my UO time. Only one
  6. I find it fascinating how different people react to in a “free” environment. While UO was founded on very strong principles of freedom there has been an undercurrent of fascism against person expression I feel is frankly disappointing. Why is there such endless efforts to e-control others? This by no means is limited to icon repression. The removal of Arma custom faces mathematical made no sense but hysterics won the day. Forum signatures are regulated by file size (ok for bandwidth), but why dimensions? Kicking/banning on TS for really nothing said. The unilateral deleting of Barracks without notice. Forum threads laced with comments that never would be made face-to-face. It seems every week brings some new disappointment. I had my “flavor” icon removed days ago. Had I know adding an icon would have somehow offended a single Member/Regular/Officer I never would have added it in the first place. Being a Regular/Officer is a responsibility not a power. I am in favor of removing all icons. Remove every single TS icon. We do not need them. We have a forum page with all the support people listed; let’s add TS links to that forum page. I am not trolling. We can do this. Together as a community we can take that next step towards a truly great gaming environed where mutual respect not wagging e-power wins the day. We can be better, we can put responsibility ahead of power, we can treat others with respect sans icons, and we can make our focus just simple fun instead of trivial details. Get rid of all TS icons! We will be a better community for it.
  7. Our Charter: 1.2 - Factions will not be tolerated. I think of fractions as a personnel split within the A SINGLE game. For example if ZZEZ wanted to start his own ArmA squad and/or Impulse wanted his own ArmA squad. To have a fraction you need to split a whole. In the case of UOAF the icon seems more like a Falcon/BMS unity thing. Unity does not strike me as a bad thing.
  8. http://www.moddb.com/mods/r6v2-rikis-crazy-mod RIKI's MOD v3.1b beta Features: -16 players coop mode by Tekno gods community -funny weapons (some automatic pistol/shotgun/sniper rifle-more bullets per magazine-more damange....) -Infinite ammo for SAW/pistols/PSG1 -M249 rigth aim position -All weapons have sound suppressor -40 frag/fire/smoke/flash/gas/explosive/c4 -New upgrade possibility for some weapons -Object gravity decreased -Enemy can throw frag/incendiary/smoke -Changed grenade explosion time (NEW) -Mp5,G18,SV-98 are now shotguns (NEW) -Special file:(more enemies at spawn) Install: RIKI's MOD: 1-Make a backup of your folder:"Rainbow six Vegas2/KellerGame/confing" or use my backup files in Confing-OLD 2-Replace your files in "Rainbow six Vegas2/KellerGame/confing "whit the files in confing of this MOD 3-Play Vegas2! Tekno gods mod (16 players): 1. Copy to your \Binaries 2. Run TeknoR6Vegas2.exe (only when you are the host) 3. Have fun!!! Uninstall: 1-Replace the modded files in your confng whit the old one Known bug: -No sound on new fullauto weapons (impossible to fix) -Benlli M3,Desert Eagle,SR25 aim sistem problem -New red dot seems to fly -shotguns reload to infinite in non RIKI's MOD server(but every reload (after the clip size is full) should give you one more shot ) -Density mod crash on some pc -No sound and invisible suppressor on new suppressed weapons (impossible to fix)
  9. I have a standard X52. Here are my deadzone settings.
  10. Tutorial: Making and Adding Squadron Patches to Falcon I came across this link if we ever finish the design so we can add it to the game.
  11. Thanks Force for the 510th ref.
  12. So the talons are about to strike life? I don't know... 6 electrons... 6 flags... as a designer it does not work for me. It seems overworked, cluttered; often a simpler design is stronger. I think your previous placement of the bird-of-prey... larger... central to the composition... overlapping the contrails providing great depth of field was a much stronger design. It conveyed more power and less distraction. It was very good before lol Force
  13. BMS forum Look at the toggles flat vs. shaded. Just replace one small file. Thank you Lupin500
  14. Nice work Rocket. We could get it included in the next BMS patch. BMS forum BTW What is the carbon atom for?
  15. Great input VKing! I never thought to double enter commands! Maybe if you used a text editor you could bind multiple commands to a button. I also use Saitek to convert the mouse to a hat and use the slide (dead zones are very important).
  16. Great post and link Morphine! BMS DirectX HOTAS is new to me. I am still porting over my AF profiles so all my comments are very much a work-in-progress and best guess at this point. All systems have limitations and advantages therefore the balancing and leveraging those technologies is the very art of UI. I have a Saitek X52 HOTAS so my thoughts are predicated on that platform. If I owned a Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar which an exact replica of the flight controls on the F-16 I would depend exclusively on DirectX since every input button/slide/hat that BMS has coded for is also simulated on the stick and throttle quadrants. It must be also noted as awesome as the TM HOTAS Cougar is; Thrustmaster software is not nearly as powerful as Saitek. I own two Thrustmaster Cougar MFDs and use only DirectX with them. I have included my current HOTAS graphic to hopefully illustrate my points. The first limitation we must take into account is the fact we are not sitting in a real F-16 cockpit. We do not have the freedom of vision a real pilot does even with TrackIR nor the freedom and speed to simply push a button. The designers of the actual F-16 cockpit knew that careful placement of controls beyond the stick and throttle quadrants would be readily accessible to the pilot even without looking. Two examples would be the “Slap Switch” and “Ejection Handle”. So even with an exact emulation HOTAS Cougar if you need to quickly eject you cannot simply grab a handle between your thighs. No wonder there is a cottage industry for enthusiast to build their own cockpits. The second limitation is specific to my Saitek X52 HOTAS but also virtually every other joystick on the market is that the real F-16 stick has four hats (4 or 8 way directional inputs) and the throttle has two hats. The X52 stick has only two hats and the throttle has two hats only if you convert the built-in mouse to a hat. The primary advantage we gamers have over real F-16 pilots is the use of “shift states” effectively doubling the ability of our input devices. In the case of the X52 you can have not just two “shift states” but eight! The secondary advantage we gamers have is the ability to combine more than command in a single button. For example besides dropping the landing gear you can simultaneously drop a landing hook and turn on ILS all with a single button hit. Or instead of simply switching from NAV mode to A-A mode you could also set the Master Arm to “armed”. DirectX bindings: Relying only on DirectX input has its limitations. By mapping commands directly to buttons in the .key file you overwrite the predefined keyboard combinations. For example if you are going down in flames (common theme for Hawkeye ) and forgot what button you mapped Eject to… even if your buddies are screaming “Control-E, Control-E”, it will do you no good. Obviously you are limited to only two “shift states” and mapping the alternative state is not simple task either. And again you are limited to a single command per button push. You are also limited to BMS commands... I use TeamSpeak and VAC hotkeys in my profile. The advantage to using DirectX is absolutely GREAT! It is very fast and very simple to setup. It should also be faster than adding a Saitek interpolation layer although I have found the speed difference to be imperceptible. Speed: I have preformed no benchmark tests but here are my current thoughts. The .key file acts as a lookup table regardless if you use DirectX or the keyboard. The smaller a lookup table is the better. The original keystrokes.key (27,943 bytes) is smaller than the BMS.key (42,939 bytes). In my current version (HawkeyeHOTAS.key 25,475 bytes) I deleted double entries and added the missing HOTAS commands to the top of the file for speed. That file is attached to this post as a WIP zip file and if you are a Regular in my TS Barracks/SWAMP file browser you can also get the full size jpg. HawkeyesHOTAS.zip
  17. This ia my best guess.. In the ...\Falcon BMS 4.32\Docs\Falcon BMS Manuals folder there is a Keyfile-generator.xls file. There is a Callback Reference tab that has the command names you want to use. Edit the .key file you are using in the BMS settings if the command you need is missing. The format is commandName -1 0 0XFFFFFFFF 0 0 0 1 "command notation". The (-1 0 0XFFFFFFFF 0 0 0 1) part sets the caommand to "No key Assigned". You then can restart BMS goto settings and assign keys or push buttons on your controllers. Example: SimTriggerFirstDetent -1 0 0XFFFFFFFF 0 0 0 1 "Trigger 1st Dentent" If you are setting up a HOTAS the ...\Falcon BMS 4.32\Docs\Falcon BMS Manuals folder the BMS-Manual.pdf pages 29-33. My current efforts can be download from my TS SWAMP file browser.
  18. I have been working on expanding the keystrokes.key to include HOTAS functions without bloting to bms.key size. I will post my key file in the near future until then you can DL it at the SWAMP file browser (right click SWAMP in ts).
  19. No I mean HUD as in BMS cockpit display extraction.
  20. Thank you BloodBane611. Additional information the package comes with 2 MFDs, each has 20 buttons AND 4 rocker switches. BMS does have callbacks for the bottom left rocker (Brightness) for both the left and right MFD. RADAR Gain can only be set to one rocker. I set my to the Left MFD (Top left rocker). That does leave 5 rockers free for things like AVTR on/off, gear up/dn etc. Setup is simple. BMS\Setup\Controllers, find the Mapping, select the Key (turns blue) and push the button/rocker.
  21. The two small squres with 20 lit buttons are the Cougar MFDs. (added to post #1)
  22. The two small squres with 20 lit buttons are the Cougar MFDs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EerMtz22470 I got mine the next day via UPS> B&H Price: $47.33 + $5.85
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