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  1. If I could vote, it would be a yes. All of those saying that Verox does so much for the community don't realize that that is irrelevant. Let's not apply double standards now...
  2. The default content that came up with the game is literally retarded. As soon as ACE comes out, I'll be all over this shit though.
  3. I read that as a better and more efficient use of time during briefing. (There's a slash mark there for a reason.)
  4. There was an attempt to enforce SOP's on BrentP over YouTube, a third party service.
  5. I feel like if there are Non-Regs on the UO Regular Skype, that is an oversight that should be rectified. I don't think its called UO Regular for nothing. There's a General chat for the public.
  6. Name: Fighter Are you a Regular? N Do you want to be a Mission Leader? N Do you want to be a Squad/Leader? Y
  7. Yeah I'm just pointing this out for everyone with pitchforks knocking around the word "public".
  8. My understanding is that the video was posted in UO Regular Skype... That's internal because, unless things have changed since my time, only Regulars are present in there?
  9. You guys know that that was Albatross, right?
  10. I would very much like to hear Dylan confront these allegations before anything else.
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