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  1. been looking for this for some time
  2. i noticed this in the "Getting Started" guide on the homepage so is Apex now required here at UO ?
  3. add me. zyco187 we should build a UO training range
  4. I am really wanting to play some more at UO. i played here very briefly during arma 2 days and i didnt get enough and am back for more sir. i have class with my unit tonight but i hope you guys are going to do this and i will join it. rite now i cant find anything online for arma 3 tactical play
  5. i was able to get all uo mods and successfully join the event yesterday but can yu tell me what the official mod list(load list) is for UO
  6. i have to use a custom watched folder for UO mods bc I play on servers that use different versions than UO does. so i downloaded all UO mods with Arma3sync and put them in a folder(:/Documents/Arma 3 UO) and i added it to the launcher so they show up and this is what it does. can you halp plz http://prntscr.com/f2czrk
  7. Joker

    adding K9 units

    well im a grown man and i dont let anyone tell me no besides my mom soo i think his one word answer was a lil rude and he needs to calm down
  8. Joker

    adding K9 units

    why does your response have to be soo rude. this is somthing i was actually excited about...
  9. Joker

    adding K9 units

    k9 units are widely used in the military ie. MP, eod, ect and i think it would be a great addition to the community. also from what i understand there are no mods for k9. they are actually done in arma 3 by a script?? i think it would be very cool on the server to have a k9 unit sniff out some eod stuff and other things link apprend a HVT for you. i dont actually know how well multiplayer code is on these addons but maybe someone here does. i know there are some videos on youtube showcasing dogs too. and i do know of one ranger milsim unit that uses them and another raider unit that is putting them in soon. and this community here could get some valed first-hand info on using these k9 in arma 3 multiplayer environment. but i will not name these websites bc i dont think im allowed to here. so if any admins want to get this info just send me a pm. demo video demo video
  10. yah the calc said 701watts with 2 SLI cards, so ill be getting the 750 rmx. and yes it will be fully modular. the specs say 8 sata connectors but i only see like 4 sata ports on the psu itself. will i have to do some dual cabling? ill send in some pics when i put it in
  11. thanks. i read the reviews and i have made my decision to get the RMx. what watt rating should i purchase?
  12. i am in the market for a new ATX PSU and I have pretty much narrowed my choices down to 2 current units(no your not going to talk me out of them ). i want either a- Corsair RMx https://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=100007657%2050001459%204017%204814%20600315663&IsNodeId=1&Description=corsair%20rmx&name=Power%20Supplies&Order=BESTMATCH&isdeptsrh=1 or EVGA Supernova brand. https://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=4017%201100858365%204814%20100007657%20600315663&IsNodeId=1&Description=evga%20supernova&bop=And&Order=PRICED&PageSize=36 i was looking at them and i noticed evga just game out with a G3?? not sure of the advantages over the G2. of-course im going to future proof my purchase...i was thinking 750watt should be in my range. thats what i have now. I currently have: AMD FX 8350 8GB DDR3 (8GB more coming in the near future) AMD 7770 1GB (updrading to a EVGA 1070 GTX FTW2 next month and MAYBE SLI x2 1070s in the future) 1 DVDRCDRW combo 1 Bluray drive 3 HDD 1 SDD and im going to be using this rig mostly for arma 3 but i want to be able to run the nextgen of games for this-gen corse ie. ps4/xbox one, but it also needs to be modular enough to hook up all my hardware. they say SATA Power Connector 8 but i dont see enough SATA ports on the unit itself ??? maybe you have to dual hook-up your cables? thank you
  13. i play on 2 diff communities with a3 and they both use arma sync. so my Q is how can i keep the mods seperate, like both servers use the RHS mods but not always the same version
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