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  1. Run Tom... Run very far and very fast. Enjoy your stay.
  2. You caught my attention. We will be in touch soon.
  3. Guess I should clarify, I did take the Option 4, so I will be Airborne (Or at least given the opportunity to be airborne.) Thank you all for the advice and the kind words. Two things you should never go cheap on, boots and beds. You will spend most of your life using them.
  4. Scored in the 90s on my ASVAB, went Cav Scout (19D). Probably a little retarded. Asked if I could jump out of planes, they told me yes. Long overdue retirement from U.O. So, I guess I'll just say this, resigning my regular ship due to future inactivity foreseen. (I see it was already removed on the forums, but not on the teamspeak. Probably due to donations) I enjoy the company I've shared with the community over the years. I'll be sure to pop in every now and again to say whats up and all. Wish me luck in my future endeavors.
  5. Thank you for trying to get something together Lexi and Vospo. Big key to that is two zeus players, one sets up the longer term mission, while another deals with the players in the moment. Such as setting up a small contact within boundaries, keeping players from getting bored ect. Train in tandem.
  6. As a Man that uses Zuse with his friends to create Co-Op campaigns and fun times. I approve of the message above me.
  7. You probably wont regret it. Its a decent game overall.
  8. Dead space is a great game. It can get intense at parts but overall a Fun playthrough.
  9. They have come very far from the last time I was on the Test server.
  10. Thank you for the info NoDebate. I've enjoyed 4 alot more than 5. So hopefuly I'll see some people around here wanting a game of Civ IV
  11. Neat, I've been waiting for the Multiplayer to be implemented.
  12. Thank you for the break down Impulse. So to add this up at current we are looking at roughly 4700-5000 a year. So just to round it out 420 bucks a month for the high end and creating cushion. Seems doable with the size of the community we have.
  13. I do like to know how much my coffee was, how much my main dish was and my desert. Its just the kind of person I am. I guess I should clarify, I wasn't asking for a detailed bill every month. Just a one time bill that outlined what everything cost. That way players and myself included can really know what it takes to run the community and truly appreciate it instead of "Goal X" .
  14. I am a bit out of my depths but have you looked into creating U.O as a non profit organization? Though I'm all for helping out the community, as long as my hours don't get cut I'm happy to spare a little change. @ Thawk, When you say MilSim, I hope you aren't referring to creating Ranks within the community for a hierarchy. Though I would like request a monthly breakdown of the expenses. I'm curious personally.
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