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  1. COTVT16 Whet Wallop HC v1.0 and 1.1 CO14 Prei Prey v1.0 Both on Prei, are outdated
  2. CO14 Prei Prey HC v1.0
  3. TVT16 Patrols Tonos Terror v1.1
  4. TVT16 Patrols Shack Showdown v1.1
  5. TVT16 Patrols Koroni Kickout v1.1
  6. TVT16 Patrols Hilltop Hell v1.1
  7. COTVT18 Nondescript Nera HC v2.0
  8. COTVT16 Whet Wallop HC v1.0
  9. I think the civs were excellent, made us work hard to PID, large AO is hard to clear with numbers, more focused area may be better, all the trucks made me happy
  10. Title says it all, will be gone for training until sometime November if all goes well. May be back occasionally during transitions, but will be gone for the large majority of this time. As always, feel free to do whatever you want to my missions, just give me original credit, thanks!
  11. Was a fun time thanks for putting it together, playing big missions is something I really enjoy.
  12. COTVT51 Preparation Party HC v1.1
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