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  1. I'm not sure why you guys keep saying the track clip (for TIR5) breaks all the time, or is made out of lousy materials compared to the other ones. I've had mine for going on 4 years at least without any issues at all, no damage, no loss of function. Not sure if that's just my being careful with it when using it, or if the version I've got it somehow different than everyone elses, but I doubt it since I got it from the official website.
  2. If you are going TrackIR 5, would certainly recommend the trackclip pro as well, especially if you have a fairly bright room where your PC is. The default reflectors didn't work very well at all for me unless it was night time or the lights were off. The main improvement with the pro clip is that it is the source of the IR light, rather than the camera. Makes fidelity so much higher and responsive IMO. Only downside is that depending on which version you get, you might have to use 2 USB connections instead of one. Mine was lucky enough to come with an adapter that allows me to just use one.
  3. Killed our first citadel yesterday. Was pretty cool. Still in WH space and stuff, killing people and making dank isk.
  4. Squad list is good. Radar is bad. Makes people pay less attention to their surroundings and such.
  5. Boon did not resist re-subscribing to EVE. Here is a brief summary of tonights activities where my corporation teamed up with boon to remove two drakes that thought they could beat boon 2v1: https://youtu.be/CLNtCAH7Pj4
  6. I am director in a C2 wormhole corp. We do all sorts of stuff. If anyone wants to hang out catch me on teamspeak or mail ingame: Pritovsky Pootis
  7. Scratch that ghost made it safely as well. He said he will post his results and proof of flight soon! Full load of 120's for everyone
  8. Ghostdog is still flying after 2 game crashes lol. I guess we got half our full Aim-120 supply?
  9. Resupply operation a success! 777 for me as a stand in for 747 cargo using FSX "muh realism" edition:
  10. Tenative due to work again. Possibly will MAGIC if late!
  11. Nice video, really good editing. Pretty much all action throughout!
  12. After watching that youtube video I realised a lot of what I said didn't actually transmit. I did fix the problem near the end, but its annoying that a lot of it is missing to start with- missed answering bra requests and such. Ah well, learning experience I suppose. Good flight, hopefully the next is even better! EDIT: That's really frustrating actually, didn't realise hornet couldn't hear me a lot of the time during the ingress. Sorry guys, messed up a little there. Next time I know how to make it work anyway, you apparently have to have IVC as the program in the front otherwise it doesn't transmit.
  13. In for anywhere. By the way a real F18 wouldn't even take off with 8 JSOWs. A realistic loadout would be 2 at most due to the weight
  14. I rate only 70% realism geeys. Not enough CTD's and graphical/FPS issues to be immersive enough. Also shared cockpeet is never as easy as the trailer showed. It takes at least three attempts to get it working properly and even then you probably will have issues.
  15. Didn't know about it but after reading would have actually liked to attend, looked more interesting than the normal coops that get played.
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