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  1. Congrats Force, and good luck living your dream!
  2. Yeah, I would guess that they won't change the trigger for the pro. But $200 for a stick of this quality is still pretty good, half what you would pay for a warthog for about 90% of the features.
  3. I'm gonna drop as well, apparently saturday mornings are hard. Have a good flight gents
  4. There is definitely a significant difference between a $700 machine and a $1000 machine, and it's pretty much all in GPU and CPU. $700 will get you playable games for this generation, the extra money will bump you up to really maxing graphics and seeing really good framerates, and if you're careful and smart get you to the point where you can comfortably stream strenuous games (ArmA, DCS). Personally, I recommend a K processor at all times, the difference is $10, and it leaves you with a huge amount of overhead to upgrade later. You can run it stock for 2 years, and then pay $30-100 for a cooler and get yourself a much faster computer for essentially no money. My 3570K went from stock 3.4 to easy OC'd 4.5 with no difficulty, it's something any gamer can do by simply following a guide found on google. I highly recommend keeping that option open, especially because the cost difference is literally $10.
  5. Girlfriend gets on a plane tomorrow - I actually have time to fly! In.
  6. That's a really tough budget for a gaming rig, but it's doable. This guide is a great place to start: http://www.logicalincrements.com/ It will give you a good idea of where you can go with your budget, as you can see $700 doesn't quite get you to good quality gaming CPUs or GPUs. A pretty sweet spot for price/performance is ~$1000 on the overall build, so if I were you I would save my money for later.
  7. That sounds awesome Krause, I'm extremely jealous!
  8. Mandela is absolutely inspirational as an example of a human being with extreme determination and focus on his objectives - the man spent a quarter century in jail because he refused to be cowed by his government, and was ultimately successful as a result. He was put in an almost inhumanely tough position and succeeded regardless - that is certainly worthy of admiration and some serious study. Mandela was weak on building functioning and effective governance structures - and if you look at the ANC now, it's got a range of issues that are the result of his poor ability to actually run a party and a country. However, his emphasis on reconciliation rather than revenge likely saved tens of thousands of lives, and saved South Africa from tearing itself apart as a nation along racial lines. The man hasn't been in charge of the country for 14 years, it's extremely illogical to pin all the blame on him. PS: I do love how many people at UO use "communist" as an insult. My friends would take it as an insult, but only because communism is way too far right for them. If you think Ghandi was actual a peace activist, study some Indian history. Had Ghandi died, the largest riots in human history would have resulted - he held that sword over the British government through self-starvation until they had no choice but to leave India entirely. He used peaceful revolt as a tool to gain international coverage for the gap between oppressed Indians and their British oppressors, but it was nothing more than a tool in his larger strategy. Fundamentally, he used the threat of violence by the crowds to destroy British rule. Peaceful protest was a great cover story, but at the end of the day British rule ended because the other choice was to try and murder all Indians, which would have been logistically challenging at best.
  9. In states with magazine bans you would still run afoul of the law. Those states that ban hi-caps ban import, sale and creation, because you could potentially buy the parts and put them together even before 3d printing. The issue is that a beat up but otherwise conventional magazine looks like it could plausibly be pre-ban - a 3d printed magazine will get you into trouble with knowledgeable law enforcement very rapidly, and will lead to a felony charge that will negate your right to bear arms. This is a neat piece of technology, but it's not a solution to any real problem. *edit* - FYI, I live in an an other than "free" state, and there is plenty of discussion by shooters about how to get around this issue. Short of a change in the law, or skirting the law and hoping no one calls you on it, we're pretty much SOL. I personally am fine with my small magazine sizes, keeps my friends from blasting away all my ammo.
  10. Tentative in. I'll try and update if I'm not gonna make it, but will probably only know 30 minutes in advance.
  11. Crashing is a feature, this brings more realism to the Ka-52 experience. If your aircraft doesn't crash and explode into flames at least once per flight, you're missing a valuable part of immersion.
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