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    Putting nails in the coffin of Starship Trooper parody videos.
  1. The appeal to ridicule is strong with this one.
  2. If we give a mission to the community that is entirely different from all of our usual set-piece coops that fundamentally plays like a giant co-operative sandbox filled with as many tanks and sniper rifles as they could ask for, what basis do we possibly have for blaming the players or the admins when they do not play in the same fashion as our other missions? A good seeder mission: 1. Can be played practically indefinitely. 2. Comes to frequent stopping points. 3. Allows and encourages joining in progress. 4. Provides similar situations to normal play. 5. Encourages the tactics of normal play. I would argue that our current seeder mission only meets the first and third criteria. However, mission objectives are frequently drawn-out grinds which do not provide stopping points. Short, intense firefights would be preferable to town-clearing a motor rifle company. Point four is another glaring problem; in no other mission do you HALO jump anywhere you please on the map with any gun you like in an ad-hoc squad that resembles no TOE in existence. And, since the commander and players are basically Starship Troopers (Heinlein's), the tactical employment of respawning, paradropping, super-heavy-weapons duos and trios never matches normal play. And we can't blame the players or the admins any more than you can blame children or parents for the rocks in the playground mulch. Its a problem, its there, and its up to mappers to remove the problem because we're the ones who built the playground.
  3. One possibility is to make a mission in which the area of operations is constrained enough that reinforcements can simply walk to their unit. Imagine a small FOB or other outpost with a squad patrol 'orbiting' it at about five hundred meters to a kilometer. As the foot patrol passes through various triggers small bands of insurgents are spawned out of sight, creating a dynamic firefight for the patrol. Entering a valley might spawn an ambush, a road might produce a truck convoy, a farmhouse spawns a sniper, etc. Respawns and JIPS up to a full platoon strength have a FOB to defend and a chance to converse or mount their own patrol once they reach sufficient strength to leave the wire. I think its crucial to have our next seeder mission have as many slots as possible; currently Patrol Ops fills up at 20, which is half of a proper platoon co-op. This is counter-productive for a seeder. Ideally when the new seeder is full, the server switches to a proper platoon-level mission. And lastly, when the server is full, white text reading "THE SERVER IS FULL. WRAP IT UP." should flash on the screen of every player. Maybe we can get some annoying music and a looping fade-to-black effect. I'm not entirely joking about this either.
  4. How would I convert this into an East / West format for configuring both sides of a TvT or Coop? Any clever way about it? And why does the script care what group the unit belongs to? Like most of my problems, I solved it as soon as I asked for help.
  5. Thank you all for making Arma the second greatest franchise I have ever played.
  6. I believe sufficient punishment has already been handed out. Voting no.
  7. Volunteering and then failing to perform to satisfaction is more admirable than not volunteering at all. I see no reason to remove someone from the community because of their actions on a voluntary project. Voting no while humming the 'Marktank' song.
  8. There's certainly no ill-will to be found here. This incident is an accident with multiple parties at fault. The gunner failed to properly ID the targets, the boat commander approved the fire recklessly, the receiving squad did not make common knowledge they were carrying RPGs, and the overall mission commander did not have sufficient fire control measures to prevent this sort of cross-lane friendly fire. The blame can be laid on any number of persons in the chain of events leading to this. Given that Asaliotos is owning up to his shortcomings, I'm not sure he needs to be punished. I am much more interested in those who are not taking responsibility learning that they were part of a system that broke down.
  9. I've personally found nothing more useful while camping than a small light hatchet, but be sure you get a scabbard for the edge. You wouldn't want any accidents.
  10. War Thunder is a good balance between flight simulator and fun. I loved IL-2 as well, but the matchmaking was difficult to manage. What was it, Hyperlobby? Here its a built-in matchmaker. I fly full realism with TrackIR and joystick in HB mode, but I'll play FRB if the matchup is good. I don't consider myself to be at a disadvantage, since I can do vertical fighting and acrobatics to spoil all the flat-turning mouse noobs. Latest rumor: matchmaker will be switching to era of aircraft rather than tier of aircraft. I for one welcome all A6M2's to the Fifty Cal Festival being held twelve o'clock low to my F4F3.
  11. I tried building a high fidelity submarine simulator out of an agricultural diesel tank and a hog feeder, but since I could only weld when my uncle was off the tractor I didn't get very far. Now that I'm a grown up, however...
  12. I've said "Frag out" when I hadn't thrown a grenade, should I go report to the ban thread now? This is ridiculous. Voted yes. With some barrier to entry we can ease up with the banhammer and start directing mediocre players through self-improvement methods.
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