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  1. Jhoson14 Filled (Mostly tentative, hoping my potato doesn't blow up running Arma ).
  2. There's an Bandai Nanco humble bundle going on. For 1U$ you can get Ace Combat: Assault Horizons+ENSLAVED+ Pac-man 256 (Steam Keys). The game is far from great, but if you are craving some Ace Combat its fairly cheap.
  3. Would love to see Ace Combat 5: Unsung War in this new engine, with no changes to gameplay/mechanics. Ace Combat 2/3 where amazing back in the ps1 era! After Ace Combat Zero the franchise only went downhill.
  4. Prior experience with CAF Section?: No Leadership position?: No Tentative (not sure if I will be able to attend, but will try )
  5. With those fixed prices from start to finish I can say goodbye to 60-75% off on older DCS modules T-T
  6. My ISP is trolling me hard today, after 8 hours trying to download 1.6 gbs left from the Update I called my ISP. They told me they are doing maintenance and that would be shit all day long. In resume. I wont be able to attend =\
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