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  1. How much begging, pleading and grovelling would get sthud on the server? Or is no, no?
  2. I want to be a cool kid... I would also like a sub-forum.
  3. I'd be interest, also interested in some play-sessions.
  4. My trial account just applied I think. Quite like the game so think I'll probably jump in. Had my eye on this a couple of times and always fancied it but wanted some guys to play with.
  5. Name: Richmuel Are you a Regular? N Are you a GM? N Do you want to lead? Can do. Comments: Preferred leadership would be Section 2IC/FTL - can do SL if needed.
  6. Haha I remember that Chad Hudson mission. I remember it always being a good map to play on.
  7. There's a sixupdater update so make sure to do it beforehand.
  8. Can't edit earlier post - Definately coming then Prerequisites: Famil, FTOps, RTO, Navigation
  9. If this follows on from the basic then sign me up again.
  10. In-game name: Richmuel Preliminary signup, in waiting of the play-time.
  11. Travis we repeatedly hear this excuse and repeatedly we remind you that there is no period of the day when derping is suddenly acceptable. I perhaps feel 1 month would be a good enough 'severe warning'.
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