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  1. CO17 August Morning V5
  2. it would be awesome if you guys play TVT59 gopher hunt on Altis. It's been up for a while but I haven't really seen it played. Briefly, it's a pilot rescue mission where both sides are going after the pilots
  3. http://imgur.com/fEmwoEU http://imgur.com/q2tSFvB Snow was ridiculous and made it really hard to see anything. It cleared up for a minute or two in the beginning of the mission but the rest of the time it looked like these screenshots.
  4. CO14 Panda Express V2
  5. CO14 P F Bang V2
  6. Ingame/Form Name: contrails Are you willing to be a CO: yes Are you willing to squad lead: yes Are you a regular or donor: no
  7. Contrails

    Halshany Terrain

    Re: low poly models. Post what you need and I'll try to help you out.
  8. hmm did you know the location of BLUFOR spawn? The downed pilots are not supposed to know the locations of BLUFOR or OPFOR spawn and they along with the SF team spawns are both randomized.
  9. http://aar.unitedoperations.net//replay/A1E04FDC657EA95C3F3B8658752AC7BB Saw that this was played; how did it go? Suggestions for mission maker?
  10. Sorry about that. Just fixed and submitted new version.
  11. TVT70 Miner Troubles V3
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