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  1. So, I think we might be able to make Tac Tuesdays a thing again...
  2. Storm doesn't hit until later, we're back on!
  3. Postponed in consideration of CAT5 hurricane headed directly towards my face.
  4. So intent is to build fundamentals of fireteam operations by providing a game environment that is more conducive to that style of gameplay, eg - every soldier has a map and compass, mission terrain selected to facilitate individual/team/squad movement and manuver, taking the time to route plan, deliberate planning process, emphasis on rates of fire and deliberate maneuver. Tin - Odds are we can swing it a little later, depending on server population. Trying to keep from conflicting with main server play times to avoid splitting population, but tentatively could run sessions with similar intent on weekends as well.
  5. All, Looking to gauge interest in a Thursday evening 2030Z - 2300Z play sessions at the squad/platoon level focusing on small unit tactics and a deliberate approach to mission planning and execution. Willing to run sessions to spin people up on everything from basic skills thru squad/platoon leadership. Have spoken with a mission maker about getting some new content directed towards this type of event, looking like we could throw in a new mission roughly weekly. Make ArmA Great Again?
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