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  1. Great game, hard as shit, but great. Finally won my first Skirmish, had to pull back to one point and just dig in.
  2. Ahh...UO hasn't changed a bit. I love it. A big bag of dicks around here..... Well played.
  3. I am in. Already signed up for it. Will be flying the PMDG MD-11
  4. Nice video bro. Will have to get on sometime in your busy schedule and do some flights.....
  5. Nobody here is talking or trying to talk about your crazy ass bacon filled Canadian shit.
  6. Odd


    Nah, sorry. I used to be in th e 7th Cav before here, but have never tried PR.
  7. My wife is the regional manager of 4 DD here in southeast GA. The house does run on Dunkin. But, to the topic, welcome aboard and I am ire you will enjoy yourself!!
  8. Odd


    No more pools for me! Lol. I don't get dirty anymore. I sit in my office now, make salary, get commission and a take home car. Lol. Suck it.
  9. Odd


    Ahh well looks like I got voted out of Regular asshole-ship, so member status here now.
  10. Odd


    So I am rememberd at being a plumber, or hot tub installer from the Middle East. F-ing fantastic. Oh, and by the way Zedic, this woman is pregnant again....I think she is trying to make it so I either have a Futbol team or I can't ever leave Her. Lol And someone link me to the poll.
  11. Odd


    Thanks for the welcome Soviet! I might need a link......lol Hope the rent is still not too damn high around here..........
  12. Well hello, I am sure now most of you don't know me as I know this place must have grown a hell of a lot. Those of you that due, you will be pissed to know that I am back....that is sort of. I am still in the middle of downloading the 150,000GB of Arma2. Arma2 OA, BAF, PMC, not to mention ACE/ACRE. I am sure I will be on TS sometime soon to catch up, but just wanted to stop in and see how everyone is doing and that I miss the shit out of this community and its one of a kind gameplay. You can all go to hell, Regards, Odd
  13. Damn, you lasted 2 hours in the beta? I couldnt even stand it 30 minutes. I knew it was shit when i got my beta key, and it directed me to download games for windows live....
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