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  1. Never was military . I just never got into it. Do miss UO from time to time though
  2. Unfortunately I don't own the game; but making a mission like Margaritaville would be really simple. (it took me like 1-2 hr, most of that being deciding the loadouts..) If i were to remake it, I would probably put randomized spawn areas and make it a bit bigger to stop people from nading eachother in the beginning. However, if I came back to mission making, I would be making more complex stuff like my other missions. I miss making those, like Kambanush mountain and the CIA operative one in the swamp. Those were great fun to make.
  3. Someone remembers that mission I threw together to seed the server.. haha.. not the one I wanted people to remember!
  4. yes, but they're fucking retards. Personal experience, they didn't notice mine and I noticed it a week later. Teaches me, I should touch my balls more.
  5. I really want this game... I might drop 25 when i get my paycheck ;s
  6. no homo I did has testicular cancer tho, chemo is a bitchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  7. So yeah. I havn't been active and I saw it coming -- Sorry that I missed the thread though for those who were wondering. I just want to say also.. I was planning to resign anyways, I still do check the forums regularly, but the amount of drama thats been going really turns me off and keeps me away... But anyways, I do miss this game and the teamwork it represents. You should see me sometime when some good TVT's are on on the server . Good luck, UO. It was fun being a regular and contributing way back when. .
  8. happy bday I will mail order you a russian man
  9. ...die in a fire >:. I can't even joke about cliff racers without nearly vomiting.. *runs off crying*
  10. I like this, maybe word it so its only REQUIRED when a player is on the server and/or is in the main/alt server channels in ts3?
  11. Maybe I should just add a retard m203 shield during startup time >_>. I think domi has one. . why do I have to do dis
  12. QFT(quote for truth) I also vote yes. The charter can be hosted on an article or whatever the WSO's prefer, but in the end there should only be one copy of the charter, not two.
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