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  1. Hello my gamer friends, my uo boys, my snipers and no lifers. How come we dont play Arma 3 anymore? Is UO dead, or does the problem lie within the game Arma itself? Discuss.
  2. If I hear any noise, I'll just assume its you and the bois trappin.
  3. I wanna wish all my friends here a Happy 4th Of July. Ill be running around in my Budweiser jacket (king of all beers, it says so on the fucking label) and knockin back a few cold ones with the boys. Maybe even set off a few fireworks until the German Polizei come around and beat my ass! Moons out, fucking goons out boys. Make sure you stay hard dickin as fuck. If I was in country right now, I'd be getting a togo plate full of bacon and eat that shit right in the ANA TOC. Freedom out!
  4. Here to play on the weekends, If youve been here since 2010 you know me. #7yearclub.
  5. I don't get why this is such a issue, clearly this Overlord is not doing his job properly. So why are we making his removal such a big deal. He's clearly the problem and we need to remove the problem. You don't even play on the primary like most people who are sticking up for Overlord. I'm not even sure why you guys are even allowed to have opinion about this. What a joke. User received a warning point for this post.
  6. CO38_PartyRock_v3
  7. Bans are from several years ago. You serious guy? Thats fucking stupid. Voting yes. User has demonstrated competency and motivation to work as a fireteam leader+ during missions under me. Never had an issue with him, always seemed to take initiative.
  8. Voting yes because user is gangster af.
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