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  1. Welcome. Oregon rules. Washington blows (except for buying fireworks).
  2. It's a well-written essay. I didn't mean to come off so judgemental. I just question the validity of online interactions and communities as subjects of serious academic analysis.
  3. What a gloriously 'spergy read. Reminds me of a guy I knew in college who used his WoW guild as the basis for a thesis on "leadership studies."
  4. Community business is handled via these forums. If a Regular doesn't bother to check the forums at least once every three months, they shouldn't be one.
  5. Recently, I have not been able to fulfill my duties as a game moderator. The main reason is a decrease in my free time available, leading to less time on the server overall. Therefore, I am resigning my appointment as a GM. I appreciate the opportunity to serve in this capacity. Thanks to all, and keep up the good work!
  6. Voted yes, but I'd support Mustang if he reapplied as a Regular. I assume his absence means he's got his life rebalanced.
  7. The user alleges that he has attempted to appeal this ban but his replies have not been approved. Is this correct? If so, can someone explain why they were not approved? edit: Nevermind. His post just hadn't been approved yet.
  8. Echoing Impulse: I like the idea, but I wouldn't want it as a formal rule.
  9. 12 hour ban is warranted. There was no question that Quil understood what he was doing. Players were slotting for a TvT and BLUFOR had been filled completely. Quil was asked to slot into INDFOR. He replied, "I don't play INDFOR," and slotted into BLUFOR instead. He was then kicked from the server. He then said "Hey, that's the great thing about JIP missions. I'll just join back in as BLUFOR." He was told not to do this, but did anyway toward the end of the mission. He definitely didn't seem to be his usual good mood.
  10. Some more terms to add: INTEL COIN SIGINT COMMS 2IC BDA
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