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  1. TVT30 Into the Dust Zargabad No slots
  2. TVT20 [ATTACK] BTR Encounter Rosche TVT20 [ATTACK] Forest Sweep Rosche No Slots
  3. CO18 BDA Ford Anizay - No Headless Client slot
  4. I'm agreed with Pope, repeal the original perm and leave the record intact, as what he has said in the past here is very strikingly against the community and the people who were helping to moderate it. Then going so far as to claim about stealing "our" mods, and talking down on them at the same time in a rather petty manner. If he has moved on I would like him to show it more than what a single forum post could demonstrate.
  5. TVT75 Gateway Delay v1
  6. Imho, our German content is not really suitable for a cross community event at the moment. We do have stand in stuff we can use to make our own missions, but we'd need additional things like uniforms and vests at a minimum for the infantry to meet something that would be presentable to other communities.
  7. TVT31 CS Hotel v2
  8. Mission re-uploaded due to something shitting the bed and uploading it without any scripts.
  9. Initial grind is killer for me, like Impulse says. I can barely scrape together gear for basic runs, as I try to avoid Hatchet runs personally. But I can't compete against fully geared players, nor even hide and avoid them most times. Kinda put me off, so I'm just watching how EFT develops now.
  10. Oh lawd I remember this old mission of mine. Nice to see pilots learning that ArmA stalls were fatal back then before PlaneX. Still good to see you're popping your head in AB, hope things are going well with your work and studies.
  11. This is the first step on the road to Panzers, let's take it together.
  12. E-z yes from me. Expanding the German assets to use on our nice German terrain will be a welcoming change from the current asset roster we end up using.
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