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  1. VKing

    UOAF - BMS #276

    Any 2 or 4 slot (or I guess 3 if I don't have to have a wingman).
  2. This briefing is unfamiliar and therefore scary. What's a Jacob? Who are all these people? What's even going on here?! D= Nevertheless, let's see about dusting off the ol' Warthog, shall we?
  3. Does that mean they're expecting them to crash land in China?
  4. Very nice document, Force. I should dust off the ol' Warthog some day and start practising again.
  5. In as well. Not something I use a lot right now, but I can't imagine a better time to grab it.
  6. I use the Saitek not-Combat pedals (Pro Flight, I think?), and they're okay. A bit plastic-y, but I haven't had any issues with them so far.
  7. A World War One game? That isn't exclusively set in Verdun or the Somme? Colour me shocked! Shocked I say! I like it. I wonder if they'll make a decent single player campaign for this one. As one of, like, three WW1 games it deserves it IMO. There were automatic rifles in WW1, no alternate reality shenanigans are necessary (Kotaku says there aren't any). The Chauchat and BAR come to mind, and the Fedorov Avtomat. E: And the Madsen LMG, the Lewis gun, and probably some other automatic rifles or machine guns light enough to carry in a game.
  8. Nothing here's interesting. I replayed CoD4 not too long ago, and it wasn't terribly good that time around. And that's the game that had "good" writing. CoD Multiplayer is literally the same game for the past eight years, nothing to bother considering here.
  9. This game definitely needs more Titan Destroyer Baneblade variants.
  10. Imperial Knight and Wraithknight front and front-right. The one in the back-left is the Warhound light scout Titan, considered the smallest Titan. Here's a proper (Emperor, I think) Titan to scale with tabletop models
  11. Good explanations. You should add it to the beginners guide on the wiki.
  12. VKing

    Misc Addons for UO

    Update for 60mm mortar. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/66038154/UO/Mods/uo_mortar_60mm_160428.7z Explosion FX has been reduced in size to be smaller than the 82mm explosion. New vs Old: https://gfycat.com/PerfumedAncientAss https://gfycat.com/RedDistantHectorsdolphin
  13. You guys look so goofy with those black camelbacks. I wish I'd been issued a camelback.
  14. There is in U1, though I haven't tried it: g_bLogInputFunctions 1 See the BMS manual p.247.
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