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  1. I'm sorry King, but the BTE was a form followed by a Famil course. Nothing new, we did Famils every week anyway. Subjectivity and immaturity would have affected nothing. Level whatever insults you want at me, but the group of people involved at that time in UOTC were not autistic, or immature or whatever else you'd like to say, they were dedicated and committed guys. I apologise that being collectively referred to as an autism reich prompted me to jump into the thread, unfortunately displaying inflection through text has yet to be sufficiently developed, but yes there was a couple of curse words and some sarcasm. I wouldn't call it "going off" and I don't see how its a reflection of maturity or not. I can assure you that I am sitting here, not vexed. I just swear a lot, awful habit. Now I do admit, I was frustrated over the misinformation being spread over the concept, but it ended there. And as I said in the PM I sent you, I think your idea for "Not Dead Saturdays" is excellent and I'd be willing to assist in whatever way I can.
  2. Once again, UO requires a vote for things to happen. We were willing, the vote failed, so we couldn't "do". If the vote had passed, we would have done as we said on the agreed trial. We had a large roster ready to go, one Famil a week so at the most you'd be waiting a full week until you were ok to play on the server. That's not a concern, but a fact and a con of a barrier. There is no way around it and its something we made clear would happen, but our argument for it was that a person who wanted to be here wouldn't mind waiting until the next Famil, a person who didn't, wouldn't. And just to reply to Jak as I missed it, I am not at all trying to say we should do it now at all. Merely trying to correct people on this imaginary BTE they're all talking about. As I have said and will keep saying, if someone else wants to come up with their KmO approved solution, I am all in for assisting in anyway I can such as leadership courses.
  3. I'm sorry Jimbo, but what the hell are you talking about? At the time I had a full list of volunteers ready at the vote and the creation of a new UOTC non-officer position to assist all of the already willing UOTC members. Second to that, we already had the capacity to process 10-20 a week at the time as we did weekly famils also. And finally, once again, Impulse was ok with it if it PASSED a vote. Which it didn't, so it never happened. But we had the entire structure and personnel ready to go. You say you're not misinformed but what you're writing is pure fallacy. Even the fact your saying about there being no one willing to commit or willing to process is a pure lie considering I was the proponent and had all of UOTC ready to go behind me. It's like you've erased it from memory.
  4. I didn't realise "blowing up" now is throwing in a few curse words in a reply. Noted. JB is talking about the seemingly contradictory nature of it, which I would agree. I continue to maintain BTE was a viable solution, not the best one, not the only one but we saw a problem and we tried to do something about it, but look it didn't get voted in, so how about trying to look for a different solution and considering your obviously the expert in good and bad solutions I'm all for assisting you or who ever gets your nomination for a "good" solution. This above reply is a great example of what is a common trend throughout this thread, people who haven't a fucking notion about the proposed BTE was. Here's the TL:DR: It was a sign up form followed by a fami course, literally that's what it was. It wasn't the regulars job, it was UOTC and volunteers. It could be ran effectively by one person. It added a small layer of waiting to maybe weed out shit heads and a face to face before people getting into the server to just get an idea of how to act. I'm not sure where you guys are getting you information from. And Jimbo I'm sorry, but you're misinformed, there were plenty of people ready to commit to BTE and to do it for UO and sacrifice even more personal time. We were ready to step up, we were ready to show commitment, you can't just say 2 or 3 years on "oh yea, but no one actually is committed" when we 100% were. It was all ready to set up, but UO doesn't run like what you're suggesting, motions have to be passed by a majority, we can't just opt to do a trial without a majority which we didn't have. You know this, you've been here long enough.
  5. I just don't get this, a group of players who gave up a shit tonne of time, dedicated countless hours to this community and we're labled an "autism reich"....fuck us right? giving a shit about UO....and then people years later complain about the level of play. The BTE we were looking at years ago was a super light, low intensity and light on manpower operation. I've seen in other communities that operate these really low op BTEs work fairly well at keeping a base level of mature play. All it involves is 5 minutes of face time plus the normal Famils we run, that is all. But we didn't vote it in here, that's grand, your choice but don't go slinging shit at the people who were just trying an idea to maybe fix a problem which has obviously developed into something more now. Fuck me like, coming up with a possible plan to fix things and putting it to vote.....what assholes. Anyway, uncalled for personal insults aside, I've said it before and I'll say it again. If people want me to run leadership courses that will last around 45 minutes, I'll do it, I'll talk about how to give orders, basic section and platoon tactics, how to maintain C2...etc. I have only ever, and still do, have UOs best interests at heart. What an asshole, right? Thanks again King. That includes JB and Godhand too. Danish Assholes.
  6. I'm not sure if this is because it's actually ARMA grids and not real life grids, but that formula is not giving me the answer that the ARMA compass & GPS are giving me. EDIT: Just doing checks and sometimes it's spot on and other times it's not. I'll test it a bit more.
  7. I am trying to make an excel spreadsheet that a person can input 2 8 figure grids and it will give the range and bearing from one to the other and then will calculate the elevation based of range and altitude difference. The two grids are: 2309 1746 and 2270 1750 in cells C2, D2 and C2, C3 respectively. I have the range working using this formula: =(SQRT((Power(C2-C3,2) + Power(D2-D3,2))))*10 The bearing formula I found is: =ABS(DEGREES(ATAN2(COS((C2))*SIN((C3))-SIN((C2))*COS((C3))*COS((D3-D2)),SIN((D3-D2))*COS((C3)))))*17.78 But it does not give me the correct bearing which is 5147 mils. Anyone any ideas?
  8. So I got it, played 5 and lost 5....but I love it. Thawk_A on steam if anyone wants a game.
  9. I was trying to decide if I'll pre-order it or not, is it basically just Wargame but slower and in WWII? Or have they changed any of the base parts of the gameplay?
  10. Considering the success that Wargame Escalation/AirLand/Red Dragon had at UO, is anyone considering picking up Eugen's go at WWII? https://www.paradoxplaza.com/steel-division-normandy-44 http://store.steampowered.com/app/572410/
  11. I used FRAPs to record video and ACRE audio. I then used TS3 to record my normal PTT audio. Set up the same shortcut to start both FRAPs and TS3 and the same time and then just copied the FRAPs file and the TS3 audio file into Sony Vegas and rendered my movie. Was very easy. Now that I have Shadowplay, I would just sub that in for FRAPs.
  12. For small PRRs used in ditches, most certainly. However, I remember in training some bright spark used this in contact only for him, the section commander, to be told that his right arm and hand had been "shot". We got to see it from the enemy position, an entire section suppressing a ditchline only to see this gloved hand and small radio lifted above cover, it was like a little beacon that every rifle swept onto.
  13. Hi m8, could you clean up your inbox? I'd like to PM you :)

  14. Thanks, I'll give them a shout. If anyone else thinks they could manage it, I would very much appreciate it. I'm just not the best at coding so would struggle with that portion.
  15. Any chance you (or anyone) could give me a hand with that at all? I'm trying to get something sorted for Monday, I assume a GM-like script would make it happen?
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