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  1. Oh no ive come much more than twice.
  2. Just curious if any of my ole UO buddies were looking at this? Philly? Deathstrike?
  3. I was not part of TG nor had I even played arma before joining UO, but I joined up with that rascally early bunch not long after UO was established. Those were some amazing times. As with all things UO grew and evolved, and when I could no longer recognize it and the fun ran out for me I moved on. But I will always hold a special place in my heart for this community. many years of great times and good friends.
  4. Totally unsolicited advice from the monkey gallery, but I felt compelled to comment since I was the patch maker for UO for 3 years. The embroidery effect you have works for the most part, but feels off. Looks like you are just applying a layer style/texture. I would strongly suggest you find some source photos of actual embroidery and use that to create the textures. The threads also follow a logical pattern of the shapes. The current version its just sort of straight across which immediatly triggered my OCD. Good work otherwise.
  5. The shotgun is not a lie, it is just hiding. They removed it from an earlier version due to some kind of bug that they will not elaborate on.
  6. For what it is worth, Zedic is dick, but hes an honest and reliable dick. He wont mince words, and he always owns up to his own actions and accepts any consequences associated with them. He has a very long track record here at UO and in general as stated before, I am inclined to believe he was doing what he honestly thought was best for the health of the server and to keep things going. Accusing him of trying to skirt around the issue or make it seem not as bad is silly.
  7. Saline bags are different than bloodbags, though they both use the IV starter kit to craft the usable bag. Unfortunately as far as I can tell you can not self administer any IVs. Regarding the suggestion about dying in a remote area and coming back, be careful with this as most servers these days are running scripts to reset every 4 hours since there is a bug preventing items and zombies from respawning.
  8. This is pretty crazy, and i'm sorry you got nailed with the taxes Imp. I fully understand and support it though as it makes sense and this is not a cheap community to run. Back when I was active there were periods where we would get hardly any donations and Imp and I would take turns footing the entire server bills. A reliable and transparent system will go a long ways towards keeping UO around.
  9. Usually for this kind of thing people will place a static C130 way up in the sky and spawn people inside of it. You can then control ramp animations etc. As for dropping vehicles, you would need to script that far as I know, but you could give a C-130 an action for the pilot to release vehicle or what ever, then spawn it with a parachute attached. You might want to look into the Domi scripts since they essentially do this for the squad leader class I think.
  10. You might want to provide a link to either your twich or you facebook....
  11. We used to have a UO corp that was pretty much exclusively UO members, we even had our own system in Null Sec.
  12. As with many cool systems for Arma, the real test is how much it can do on a full multiplayer server (80-100+) simultaneous connections. Simulating huge amounts of stuff with just one player is never a good indicator.
  13. You may be underestimating how much your peripheral vision is doing for you even then. But I am sure it will differ from person to person.
  14. Occulus Rift looks great for things like FPS with very simple key/controller needs. But for anything that requires regular use of keyboards and other peripherals I wonder how much tougher this will make it. I know id be knocking crap over and constantly hitting the wrong keys/things.
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