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  1. If you will be keeping things simple for yourself, or on your end, go with Shadowplay. It works fine, it is convenient. If you care to apply quality to your videos through the editing process, OBS has more options than Fraps for fine tuning capture settings if I recall correctly. Do not bother with a capture card unless you intend to publish videos for the sake of driving Ad-revenue. They are costly, though not "that" expensive. But if you don't need ~$100 worth of extra hardware, why buy it?
  2. List it if you care to share, PM others if you don't. Either way, if you're on Uplay. Make a post so people know.
  3. If people who come here cannot conduct themselves with the most fundamental of social considerations, they should not be on the Internet. Your logic is just perverse Wolfie, it is a problem of perspective. That's why devil's advocacy has never worked here, it breeds argument and nothing more. That's why Rearden went away (you don't even know who he is). If we have individuals in our community exhibiting these behaviors, they ought be removed. It is not our responsibility to lecture, manage, or baby-sit users with poor social behavior; but this statement can set a standard for the community which we can hold people accountable to along with the Charter. The two problems our community has continuously faced are thus: poor social behavior begetting drama on the forums from few users that spark a larger community response, and the cult of personality which perpetuates these very expressions of argumentation through vitriol. We don't have to like each other, but this thread is proving how well some of our users fail at respect. Falcon and I were once on poor terms, very poor terms. We addressed our personality problems collectively and overcame them. Now we are on more appreciable terms....though he won't friend me on Facebook. If we can change, you can change.
  4. Before you read further Perfk. This is not me giving you a hard time, if you'd like help I am willing to offer the advice I and my dad can assist you with (he spent a year in country with the 9th Infantry division) So these below, are curiosities I have, but things you may want to consider. I understand that compromise with equipment will be difficult to remedy, but it must be done. To continue: I don't know what radios we have for ACRE 2, but the PRC 25 was used in Vietnam. (I don't think we have that anymore, it was in ArmA 2 though but maybe we just used the PRC 77 or whatever in it's place) There were no squad level radios. Only give a long range to RTOs. Yes Lieutenants and RTOs operated as if attached by an umbilical cord (at times). There ought be no 343 utilized if you want to pretend we are fighting with 40-year-old technology in a game based in the future. Also, what year? In 1968 my dad trained with the M 14 at Fort Ord. In 1969 when he was in country, he used the M16 exclusively. You have both in the gearscript. Rather than nit-picking the lowest common demoinators, like whether medics should have a rifle or pistol...make a framework for us to give suggestions within. What year? What service? What unit size? Last word on radios. If you want that expereince, you must be willing to subject most players to little ACRE interaction. Meaning most people will be using direct speech period, no fucking radios all over the place. Make people go and find, and talk with one another. That's how it was, it's ridiculous that we still years later chasing this damn dead horse of Vietnam in a modern mil-sim. But if you want it, let's actually do it well this time. You know?
  5. Hard drive is premium, I'm running one. The graphics card is comparable to any manufacturer's similar model, but MSI in particular cools well with their large fans and open heat-sink. Good for overclocking if you bother to. The motherboard lacks 8-channel audio. The Intel chip is good but only get K to overclock. That's simply what it is for. Which means find a closed-loop heat-sink, Corsair makes good ones. Quiet, efficient cooling - 120mm equivalent, long warranty, tube material was been designed / treated what-have-you to reduce evaporation. Last for years.
  6. Future prognosis? Not to pry deeply, just curious to know if things look well going forward; even at this early stage of recovery. Hopefully your time in the ICU went well if you had any. Cheers Dack.
  7. The biggest problem we have always had with roleplaying missions is just that; people roleplay and act outside of the expected behavior on the server. Civilians, soldier, or dog. It is after that point is past, when Militants points all become valid and inevitable. You simply ought avoid it. Our player base has proven many times over the years they can't roleplay consistently without violating Charter points or SOPs. Use Zeus for what it does well in context to our own missions: simple missions that develop a dynamic experience as players persist from one tasking to the next.
  8. _jackal


    We ought buy some 2 4s and have a kitchen pardy upon his return.
  9. _jackal


    Say travels to ye wayfarer.
  10. For real, especially when you consider Wargame is the fully incubated concept brought about in R.U.S.E...Eugen's one time under the major publisher Sun (thanks Ubisoft).
  11. They advertised since E3 2011 that A3 would be partially fictional weapons and equipment, find something new to complain about. Adding native bipods and weapon resting is in fact addressing a part of the game that requires addressing.
  12. Certainly, and with both incantations of ACRE. However, at present the information you provided in the manner which you did only confuses your issue further. As a first step, completely remove any modification you have in your A3 folder that is not associated with the UO repository for A3. You can simply cut and paste them in a different directory for safe keeping. Secondly. In the most simple manner of English syntax and vocabulary; list every single step you took while installing A3, TS3, and PWS. This will help us know just what you did, as it appears you have taken steps not related to installing A3, TS3, and successfully rendering the UO repository into PWS so that you can download the mod pack. Thirdly, be accurate and precise with the information you leave us. If you hear everyone on TS in the Primary channel while you are on the server, ACRE is not connected as you presume because you ought only hear those around you within 20 meters, roughly. Lastly, run everything As Administrator. Everything. Every single program you use while playing A3 on the UO server. Do that, and we can assist you further.
  13. Can you access the compass as well?
  14. Names, names, names. Support accusations with facts presentated as evidence. Passive aggressive comments such as this serve no positive purpose to the administration and organization of our fair community.
  15. Buy a form factor PC that fits your dimensional limitations outfitted with a closed-loop water cooling heatsink for the CPU. You'll have better access to your components should something fail. Gaming laptops at that price and with that hardware are an extraordinary scam. as the "mobile" hardware they use is not commonly equivalent to its numercial counterpart. You also must realize that playing games with your power settings at their highest draw with this mobile hardware is going to kill your laptop battery. Within a year it is very likely your battery will no longer hold a charge which can effect the performance of the machine even when plugged in. Lastly, just as fair advise. If you do decide to purchase a laptop, do not overclock it. Unless you wish to purchase another well within the warranty of the first. Intel offers limited overclocking warranty support to those that purchase the K (overclocking ready) versions of their i Series chips. The mobile versions of those chips are not guaranteed by a warranty and given the limited space wtihin a laptop and the lack of cooling options, you'll burn that chip out if you overclock it more likely than not. Make note BIOS-assisted "boost mode" for your CPU is overclocking, and no those prefabricated BIOS options do not tend to work well.
  16. Though enthusiasm is appreciated in discussing how ArmA 3 can be improved for UO, as mods and persistent development have been issues since we began playing the title well over a year ago during the Alpha and Beta stages; you're entire post has come off as selfish, conceited, and with no understanding of the topic you've raised. In similar fashion to A2, A3 is still an infantile sandbox in comparision to a game that has been out for 5 years. Four years ago when this community began, A2 though benefitted with Ace was in a similar infantile state. We'd usually leave domination up all day due to a lack of missions. After years of community interest and activity, A2 developed into what you have experienced here. The same consideration applies to A3, it will take time to develop into what A2 was here. What you ought consider during that time is coming to understand where the community is with A3 and why it is there. Rather than complaining about it and making demands for things that already exist...it's called Invade and Annex. Literally every concern you brought up has been discussed here on the forums in threads that are dozens of pages deep, we've been through this discourse and those discussions have resulted in decisions that led to our current mod pack. It is easy to bring up Six and see how many mods are out there. But they require consideration before ever making it onto the server. They must be tested, we need to know they work, we have to show they are compatible with what we have. You have absolutely no idea if those numerous mods you mentioned here are even compatible unanimously with each other in an online environment. They may work natively for you in single player, but unforeseen issues commonly arise with mods for ArmA and we as a community went through those pains on at least two occasions during A2 with the Nimitz and F-14. They worked fine for Zzez in single player, but broke missions. On highly populated missions that used the Nimitz like Operation Box (60+), people would spawn in the water, people would spawn a couple meters above the floor resulting in immediate injuries. The problem derived from how the engine for A2 was designed and that the Nimitz was not developed with those limitations in mind. Zzez did not figure that out, we did as a player base when the mission was loaded at player capacity leading to a third of the player base having injuries immediately on mission start, most of which were broken legs requiring the full rememdy of Ace medical treatment. It was a fucking nightmare and one that will doubltfully pass again. As Deathstrike pointed out, you also suggested we use TaskForce Radio. This is the ACRE community. You registered here over a year ago, you've played on the primary servers. How do you not understand that? These posts are also brand new as of today. Have you not perused the forums sufficiently to see that JVON is in testing? I've participated in a lot of the A3 play here thus far, the mod pack is not weak that's simply your opinion being trumped around as fact. In return you've also offered a slew of mods that simply will not add to nor aid in the experience of playing A3 together as a team here at UO, which is the entire intention of our community and style of game play mentioned in the Charter. They will only convolute something that already works because all they offer is greater variety, not improved gameplay. Look into things before you to begin shit like this. In the future it would also be advisable to avoid passive aggressive thread titles that lead many of us whom have been here for years to see your thoughts as adversarial, and not constructive at all.
  17. When do we start? AMD FX-6100 - 4.5Ghz 5.1 Surround
  18. ArmA 3 has slowed a bit over the last couple months around here. Of the consistent group of people that play we've mostly been testing Acre 2 to get it ready for release. We usually play on Fridays in the morning and afternoon for we North Americans, night time for the Euros. As for Planetside 2, right on; we like Plt level stuff here. Though we don't play much at all, we have an outfit on Emerald server (apparently another split as occurred or Mattherson is dead)
  19. For good reason, that is their mutliplayer competitor for this new incantation of the Rainbow Six series. It seems deliberate, because it is.
  20. Clearly not a Raindow Six player. Also, you ought consider advising official websites, like this one. Scroll to the bottom for the platforms. PS: Controllers are used for live demos now because that setting is much easier for filming and floor space limitations.
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